Happy Friday ya’ll! I’m just busting in here real quick to share a quickie craft. This week I’ve been catching up on some cleaning around the house and one thing that I’ve wanted to make is a sign indicating whether the dishes are clean or dirty. Like this…

I happened to see this idea on Pinterest and decided this would be the craft! Unfortunately, finding the supplies proved to be a longer process than my instant gratifying self liked.

This week I found a bowl full of scrabble tiles at one of my usual haunts! At 20 cents each, I paid 2 bucks for this here sanity saver.

Dishwasher craft2

Dishwasher craftAs you can see I failed to find the letter “L” but with a blank wild card scrabble piece I went ahead with the plan.

If you want to make this craft all you have to do is raid the Scrabble box in your closet or if you’re totally digital these days (shout out to Words With Friends) then you’ll have a harder time finding your words.

Finding the letters was the hardest part. 🙂

Grab some Elmer’s Wood Glue and get glueing. Try not to misspell the words cause that glue dries fast! Make sure to read the directions on the bottle.

I squirted a small puddle of glue onto a paper plate and then I gently dabbed the side of each tile and pressed them together. I had some glue seepage which I wiped off with a wet paper towel. Once each word was assembled then I mirrored the words and glued them like before.

I took 3 craft magnets that have a self adhesive on the back and slapped them on. Voila!

I would have used the ‘ol glue gun but I couldn’t find it in my mess and I could see the wood glue. 🙂 I still have some cleaning to do.

What are you guys doing this weekend?


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