Did you know that my 1 year blog-iversary is this month? It has me thinking about what I’d like my blog to be about in the future. Some of you may have noticed that some topics have been omitted from my blog. Like most holidays and tragic events aren’t penciled in my blog planner to post about. I guess I just figured I should stay on the DIY topic cause that’s most likely why you’re here reading.

I think I’d like to change that. Just a little.

I find myself wanting to write more than just “How-To” posts. Don’t get me wrong I love doing those kind of posts but writing that kind of blog requires money and time. And sometimes I’m a little lean on both.

And while I still don’t know the balance I want to strike between DIY and personal and random posts I thought I would just dive in with something a bit different.

So today I’ve declassified some personal files and here are 5 Things…

Top5 Declassified

1. I like to make up songs for everything.

I’m a terrible singer but I love to take an event or a statement and just belt it out in tune fashion.

Here are a few of my favorites….

While Big Daddy published his first book called Porn Nation back in 2008 my favorite little ditty went something like this.

Porn, Porn, Porn Nation Porn. (If you haven’t read his book, I’m betting that you should.)

BigDaddyandhisbookYeah it’s a simple song but I tell ya it’s a catchy number. So catchy that I started using that tune for other things like…

Corn, Corn, Corn Nation Corn.

You know it’s a classic family dinner song now.

When it comes to sharing my affections for Big Daddy one of my go-to songs consists of an exaggerated Audrey Hepburn voice singing…

I love you anyways…

The key to keeping this on key is by not being on key and drawing out the word anyways. You should try it.  It’s very romantic. 😉

2. I’ve always been in love with Colorado, the mountains, out west.

Even before I went to Colorado I loved it. I loved it for years and swore that I would move there one day. I’ve moved at least a dozen times in my life and sadly Colorado has yet to be claimed as one of those moves. I still yearn for the mountains, wild horses, and wide open land.

This intense desire to breathe Colorado air is one that’s hard to describe or even make sense of. I even look at homes for sale in Montana, Washington, and Colorado a couple of times a week. That’s a whole lot of dreamin’.

3. I’ve shared my story with thousands of people.

I think this is the most misunderstood thing about me. I have a story. You have a story. Everyone has a story. Some of us find the courage to share that story with strangers.


I’ve told my story via a translator in Kenya. I shared my story over the radio in the US and Slovakia. On television talk shows which re-air all the time. I’ve shared my story on stage, in churches, and on college campuses across the country.


I never started my story telling journey with an ego. In fact, those who truly tell their story can sometimes be plagued with fear as I sometimes am.

I wanted to tell my story because I believe there is a pot of joy at the end of every rainbow. A joy that’s just waiting for me and for anyone willing to stay the storm. I wanted to make that clear to those who’ve never seen that joy. You know, to let them know that it exists. That it’s out there waiting for them to discover it.

4. One of my favorite books of all time is called Kisses from Katie.

You’ll have to read it. With it you’ll understand more about humanity, about God, and about real gut wrenching love.

5. I am enough.

I shared this in an earlier post but I think it bares repeating because it’s important to me. I hope that something in The Woman’s Creed resonates with you.

I Am Enough

I am a woman and a warrior of faith.

I serve the brokenhearted.

I will always speak truth in love.

I will never live in my past.

I will never be the victim.

I will never forget my purpose.

I will never leave a wounded woman behind.

I am beautiful, emotionally and spiritually tough.

I always maintain my worth.

I am passionate and powerful.

I stand ready to forgive, love, and

appreciate the person I am today.

I am a guardian of hearts and

 a woman’s battle buddy through life.

I Am Enough!

“The Woman’s Creed”

– Christine Leahy

Now that you know these things about me do you think we can become BFs?

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