Have you seen West Elm’s Decorative Bowl Wall Art? These handwoven spirals are made from rapidly renewing seagrass.

What is that exactly? Weeds? I might have a yard full of rapidly renewing grass for West Elm to harvest.

Anyways, I like the texture and the simple design so when I went-a-hunting for a basket it was an easy find.



If you’ve been to Goodwill with any kind of consistency, you know there is an entire aisle dedicated to the basket. On one of my basket scouting trips I found this guy for under $2.

The weave was a dead ringer for the West Elm one featured for $30 (top right of first photo). All I needed to complete my West Elm basket hack was a black Sharpie.

So simple. I counted the spirals of my basket and realized that mine was a few spirals short of the inspiration piece. I still counted out from the center and colored two rings with my black sharpie marker, making sure to skip a few spirals in between my colored rings.

My photography is a total downer but in real life this is an identical hack. I can’t wait to collect a few other baskets to hang together like some kind of West Elm basket hack clique. Can’t wait. 🙂

How was your weekend? Anyone else hacking something other than phlegm? Seriously, these allergies are gettin’ old.


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  1. Lavender Dreams

    These are a beautiful natural element for your decor. I love baskets! And yes, the pollen is terrible here in FL, too!

  2. GailBP

    Very cool. I love a bargain! Your basket looks the same as the expensive model.

  3. Brittany

    What!? How cute and creative. I’m totally inspired. Can’t wait to browse through you blog now.

  4. the cape on the corner

    black sharpie! genius! I have been trying to hack similar baskets but it isn’t working out so great with paint. clearly sharpie is the answer! awesome!


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