I mentioned several weeks ago that I was working on something epic and even though I can’t reveal the entire thing just yet I can tell you what it is! I’m opening an online University!


DIH University stands for Do-it-herself University. I’m creating an online learning marketplace for women! Think of it as an online University where women go to take video based online courses in the areas of blogging, social media, email marketing, html, Google Analytics, web design, branding, Pinterest automation solutions, earning revenue from affiliates, and many many more!

So if you’re a seasoned blogger or someone just thinking about starting a blog, the U can help you reach your goals from creating a blog or monetizing a blog you currently have.

I believe that all women have the potential to reach and exceed their goals. I also believe that throughout a woman’s life she has encountered confidence killing experiences. I’ve watched women not succeed because of low self-esteem. I’ve watched women fail at achieving their dreams because they don’t know where to turn for the educational resources to help them succeed.

I want to change all of that.

I’m so excited to offer mentoring as part of the U! I believe DIH University will become a community of highly skilled and highly confident women!

There is so much to share with you but I need to wait just a little while longer. In the meantime, please like the DIH University page on Facebook. I’ll be updating our progress and when we’ll officially open the e-doors to DIH University.

Looking forward to the journey!

Feel free to suggest classes in the comments section or on Facebook!



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  1. onecraftymiss

    This.Is.Awesome. Christine, I absolutely love this idea and would love to collaborate on DIH University in the future once your “doors” are open, if you’d be interested. I am all about this idea and love what you are working toward! If you want help promoting DIH I would be happy to do a post in the future on it or help promote on the One Crafty Miss instagram/facebook.

    • Christine Leahy

      Thanks soooo much!!! I’ll have an affiliate program as well so hopefully you’ll sign up for that! I’m crazy nerdy excited and I can’t wait to open the doors to the “U”! Happy to count you as a supporter!!


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