I’m moving out of my current 10′ x 20′ space on Saturday. I’m moving into my new space inside Woodstock Market on March 1.


Except not really. Before we can actually move in Big Daddy and I dreamt up a killer design for the outside of our booth. I say killer cause by the time we’re done building the structure we might want to kill each other.

As most of you know, we’re renters and we’ve been renters our entire marriage thanks to 4 years in the Army. So building or renovating has not been an event we’ve experienced as a couple. Until now.

This is what we’re working with. We are the yellow facade with the red angled sign.


It’s definitely not my style and besides the reason I signed up for one of the booths along the wall is because they allow their dealers to really take ownership of the look and design of their booth. It’s like having my own store inside a store.

I really wanted to create some sort of English storefront. I found a ton of inspiration photos like these.


I’m in love with Coach & Horses. The red lacquered exterior, molding, and those gooseneck lights!


My personal style (I think) runs a bit on the masculine side but since my booth neighbors are: 1) Rug guy on the left; and 2) All things rusty and crusty on the right, I decided that my booth needed to be more feminine. And so I landed on this photo as my main inspiration.

Here’s what I see in my mind.


And here’s how Big Daddy sees it.

Hunters Alley Store Front 16x10-5

Isn’t he great?! He so exact! After designing it on the computer he went to his nifty graph paper and protractor and created these drawings. Incidentally, who else knows how to use a protractor? You are amazing!

Hunters Alley Booth Design2

I’ll be the first to admit that none of this, I repeat NONE OF THIS would be possible without Big Daddy. He’s the man.

My must haves for the front wall are:

1. Tall front exterior with tall openings for bay style windows.

Big Daddy is going to tear down the existing front wall and frame in about 10 ft high facade. The width of the booth won’t change and will remain at 16 ft wide.

2. Beautiful molding

This is the thing that I’m most undecided about because let’s face it I have no idea what I’m doing. But I liked this pony wall that Kristi did.


More than anything I wanted recessed panels and thanks to Kristi’s DIY blog, the how-to should be a bit easier for us.

3. Warehouse style lighting

I’ll devote a whole post to this but I really loved the lights in these photos


Hunters Alley Store Front Proposal Part 2

4. High gloss paint finish

Which after some research doesn’t look like a possibility under our current time constraints. 🙁

Hunters Alley Booth Drawings 3

The inside of the booth will most likely be a bead board combo that resembles this. I love the vertical and horizontal combo. Check out these photos of Uniquely Yours Or Mine… bathroom remodel.



This is the view from the top. You can see that we want to lay a checker board design down in the covered doorway. I hope to have more details on this next week.

Hunters Alley Booth Design1

So that’s the (lofty) plan. I don’t know where we’re going to find the time to demo, build, paint, price, and stage our booth in time for the BIG ANNIVERSARY EVENT (20% off Everything!!!) which is scheduled for March 7. Yep that gives us 7 days. OMwhatwerewethinking! Don’t forget Big Daddy has a day job…

Pray for us!


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