Thankfully the swelling in my hands has gone down enough for me to type this first post.

I’ve never done any kind of building or demo and let me be the first to state the obvious. It’s a lot of work. Whew.

So let me remind you of what we started with.


I need to back up for a sec. The Woodstock Market has “regular” booths in the interior of the store but along the perimeter they have what they call “store fronts” and each shop owner can make their booth their own. There are lots of different styles and they are all IMPRESSIVE. Seriously, when I first went into the store 3 years ago and saw all of these wonderfully creative store fronts I was just blown away. You can see the personality of each booth owner and it’s amazing.

When I went into meet with the coordinator of booths and dealers, I never dreamed that a store front space would be available. And I never dreamed we’d actually take the plunge and chase after such an elaborate dream.

I think Big Daddy knew that my creative side was salivating over the idea of creating a space from scratch while my practical side was screaming, RUN from this expensive and time consuming project!

Thankfully Big Daddy is great (sometimes) at throwing caution to the wind.

We jumped in. Sorta like an unplanned belly flop.






There was nothing wrong with the original structure but I just saw something different. I applaud the designer/construction people for their hard work on this. Big Daddy and I have a new found appreciation for all the work that has been put in to each store front.

But we demo’d anyway.

I got to use a tiny crow bar and a rusty hammer while Big Daddy got to use the huge brand new crow bar and hammer. 🙂 But my tiny tools didn’t stop me from ripping out some 8ft. or 12 ft. trim!


And yes I do have my tools in my hand…it’s a very small crowbar!



Big Daddy opening up the wall! I love seeing the progress!

DSC_0416Once Big Daddy opened up the wall, I assisted by kicking down the inside wall HGTV style.

After a very long day of loading in tools and lumber, demo, and clean up we were left with this.


And this.


We have a long way to go before we can get to this but it’ll be worth it!



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  1. Shannon

    I’m so excited and keep checking you out for updates.

    Shannon from

  2. Dena

    Its gonna look so good when you’re done! I forgot what the booth used to look like. What a huge transformation!!!


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