Yep, it’s true. I somehow managed to convince Big Daddy that having a dealer space in an antique mall was worth the investment. It wasn’t quite like an episode of Shark Tank but nevertheless we considered the idea for a long time.

I adore going to my local antique malls. I suspect that it’s part of my DNA. But my love for the antique mall became so apparent to me when I returned from our big trip. I felt an overwhelming urge to sell unique finds. I pretty much visualized each booth I visited as if I was a booth consultant. I saw the holes in design or the overwhelming pack rat syndrome some booths reveal. I wanted to try.

There is a lot to consider when going down this road. And while it makes sense to discuss that here, I’m going to write a separate post. So today it’s all about the pictures.

These are pics after the install. Which was ALOT of work. And there is still ALOT left to do. Painting walls, adding lights, adding visual interest where those huge windows are. So by no means is this some kind of final product but it’s good enough at this point in the process to share with you!

I’m working on a website for the booth so that people can browse the booth virtually and ask questions about a specific piece before driving to the location. Speaking of location.

I’m at Ben’s Antiques & Market in Duluth, Georgia.


Thursday – Saturday & Monday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 12pm to 6pm


3875 Venture Dr. Suite A
Duluth, GA 30096

My booth is called “The Hunter’s Alley”. I love this name. I love the hunt of finding the perfect thing at the perfect price. I’m REALLY excited to bring that service to others. At my booth and (soon to be) on my website you’ll be able to answer the question, “what are you hunting for?” and have me on the case! Consider me to be your personal vintage-antique-good deal shopper. I already have one request and I’m totally on the hunt. You can list your requests for the Hunter (aka me) in the comments section until I launch the official website.

Now, take a stroll through my booth!

Distressed Apothecary Cabinet

The brown wall is going to change in a couple of weeks. And once we’ve finished painting I’ll chalk my booth name on this giant magnetic chalkboard.

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard

This full size painted wooden rocking horse is an ooh ahh kinda piece. I heart him.

antique painted wood rocking horse

I absolutely love this antique tool box. Check out that very unique wood handle. That’s right, wood. This would be so cool filled with paints and other craft supplies.

antique tool box

Ok, this 7 drawer apothecary cabinet reminds me of my vintage style apothecary cabinet and I really wanted to keep it but I got the stink eye from Big Daddy. When I loaded it into the truck to take to the store he was all like, “I really like this”…uh don’t tempt me Big.

I looovvve mine and I looovve how amazing storing my crafts are in this kind of piece of furniture. To whom ever snags this…can I come visit?

Apothecary Cabinet

My favorite pieces are these two twins. I swear these 2 campaign side tables are in such good condition! I tried really hard to keep these but they just weren’t the right scale for my bedroom. They are so beautiful! I did keep the tall dresser though. 🙂

Campaign Side Tables

A dhurrhi runner with a tribal design. What else do you need? This guy runs 8ft and is 2ft and 7″ wide.

Dhurrhi Tribal Runner

Oh boy this antique general store paper and ribbon cutter is amazing. It has the original company label in the cast iron. Another amazing addition to a serious crafter’s room.

General Store Paper Cutter

If you like mid century modern than this piece is for you. It’s in great condition and I saw if for sale on ebay for a lot more than I’m asking.

Midcentury Modern China Cabinet

Midcentury Modern Credenza

Planter Stand

Triangle Side Table

A vintage projector for all those Pinterest projects! This projector is in pristine condition and comes with the original instructions manual.

vintage projector

I bought this mid century modern credenza from a set designer who designed this piece and had it built for her. It’s such a solid piece with classic character.

midcentury modern credenza2

And just for fun look at it before and after!

booth space before

booth after

I don’t have the right lens to be able to capture the entire length of the booth but you get the idea.

I’d love it if you stopped by!


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  1. JB

    What an excellent space!!!! Amazing treasures… one of a kind items you rarely see… You have a remarkable eye and I look forward to following all new discoveries….

  2. onecraftymiss

    This is so exciting! I’m on the same page as you, I love the thrill of the hunt. Have always wanted to embrace the selling of second hand goods. This article is so inspiring And love what you did with the space. good luck!


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