Yeah, all caps are necessary cause I’m yelling it baby! I had other blog post plans this week but I HAD to write just a few words about how awesome this week has been so far.

As you may recall, I released THE ULTIMATE BLOG PLANNER and opened my own Etsy shop called Get Crafty 4a Cause. These two things were monumental for me. I mean it took me 4 months to create the Ultimate Blog Planner which is a long time for any project. I put a lot of heart and time (like a billion hours) into it and I wanted to do the best I could.

When I announced it and put it up on Etsy, got my shop name, wrote out the description, uploaded pictures, and arranged for another service to instantly email any digital orders directly to the customer, I relaxed and gave myself a hearty pat on the back.

I was all like “well done girl”. You had a vision and then you executed the plan!

At this point I was 2Legit2Quit (hey, heeeyyy).


But when it was all said and done I was just happy to admire my work. And when I got the email from Etsy saying someone bought a Blog Planner I was in shock. Seriously, I was in Jo-Anns (of course) when I saw the email. I was ready to jump up and down in the aisle. I wanted to sprint out the front door and into crazy shopper traffic to tell Big Daddy, who was waiting in the car for me, of course ;).

After the sprint and the stuttering of information to Big Daddy, it hit me.

Oh crap.

Someone actually wants something I made? What if they buy it and don’t like it? What if I can’t actually make a profit? How do I do this?

Oh crap.

While biting my nails and second guessing all my hard work, I got another email from my girl, Etsy. Sale #2 went boom.

Then while singing MC Hammer’s 2Legit2Quit motivational number, my girl, Etsy, emailed me again.

Dang, I just sold 3 Blog Planners. Now that is some serious awesome-sauce.

Now, for more feet-on-the-ground and head-out-of-the-sky stuff.

Big Daddy asked me, how long would it take me to print out a 140 page planner to which I replied, “a couple of hours”.


A new kind of reality set in. Like I’ll never be able to leave my printers side kind of reality.

So we headed out to look for a quicker, better, and definitely more awesome printer. And I’m happy to report that we did find a reasonably priced printer that prints double sided!


I was practically skipping out of the store. The thought of a printer printing double sided without having to manually feed each piece….aaawww yeahhh!

Today I shipped out my first order and it was an amazing feeling. And maybe I won’t sell any more than 3 but right now I’m completely legit and I’m loving it!

So, to the 3 musketeers who have braved this new world, thank you for giving me (and my Blog Planner) a go.

Now that I think of it, there are 4 Ultimate Blog Planners out there including this one I gave to John and Sherry from Young House Love.

YHL blogplanner

$herdog said it was beautiful and funny (awesome compliment) and John asked if I sold them. I told them that they had the first one…total beta testers!

By the way, I so enjoyed reading all of your comments on my Hey Girl… post. I still re-read it just for a good time ;).



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