Big Daddy wearing a t-shirt I designed. “My Wife is Enough”

I’ve been thinking lately about the new kind of chaos that has entered my home as a result of my new “hobby”. Blogging has been an unexpected joy for me and I’m incredibly grateful to Big Daddy who ALWAYS supports my ideas, passions, and somewhat crazy dreams.

When my family and friends couldn’t wrap their minds around my decision to join the Army at 30 and questioned me relentlessly, Big Daddy just listened.

When I realized doing push ups in the Army didn’t include resting on my knees, Big Daddy didn’t laugh at me.

When the Army choose me to be the narrator for their multi-million dollar production which traveled to 3 cities and performing 12 shows in front of a live audience of 12,000 people, Big Daddy rehearsed with me until I was sick to death of rehearsing.

But it wasn’t just about the big moments in my life. When I wanted to take a break from ministry and pursue blogging, Big Daddy helped me pick out the name, “Let’s Get Crafty!”.

When I bring home old things, useless things, and bug-infested things Big Daddy always greets me and my thrifty purchases with open arms.

Yes, I love this man. And I want to honor him.

I want to honor all the men who married bloggers. Those men who haul stuff. Those men who cut stuff. Those men who put up with our DIY messes in the kitchen, garage, basement, bedrooms, and family rooms.

I know you love them too. So this is what we’re gonna do. We’re going to honor one man each month with sweet words, public recognition, and a little prize-y prize.

The Best Blog-Husband Competition Rules

1. Follow your host (that’s me!) either through Facebook, Twitter, RSS, or Pinterest.

2. Link up your blog post/nomination via this linky party.

3. Your post should include a picture of the nominee and the reasons why your man is the BEST BLOG-HUSBAND EVA!

4. The Best Blog-Husband will be announced on the 15th of each month. The first Best Blog-Husband will be announced on September 15, 2012.

Disclaimer: By submitting your nomination you’re giving Let’s Get Crafty! permission to use any pictures and content therein. Please only one nomination per blogger per month.

Good Luck!

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