Oy vey.

Translation: Oh pain.

You may have noticed that my blog has had a serious case of “crash-pox”. Big Daddy and I spent many intense hours squinting through html code, searching for the “why” behind the problems on my site.

I pouted but that didn’t help.

I cried but that did change the HTML’s attitude.

I screamed but yet no solution came to light. Go figure.

I’ll spare you the details but you should know that my post, Fall Wreath & Mantle, didn’t get sent out to those who’ve subscribed to my blog. Apparently, my RSS feed was invalid just all of a sudden. I think I’ve got it fixed but you may not get yesterday’s post until tomorrow.

Anyways, I’m thankful that we found the rogue code and killed it. Big Daddy is my hero. Of course, I had an equal hand in the solution.

Girls, sometimes we have to help the heros.

Don’t mess with me.

Question: Are you having issues with my site? Please let me know!


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