Today I wanted to share with you the other project I submitted to the chalky finishes contest.

I love these little fold up luggage racks. They are absolutely perfect for your guest bedroom! Trust me when I tell you that your guests want a luggage carrier like this in their room. It just makes everything so much easier and no one has to rummage through their suitcase while sitting on the floor.

I actually have two no make that three of these racks. I pick them up whenever I see them. I use them in my own home but I think they make practical pieces to sell in my booth.

When you get your hands on these, you’ll notice that most of the time the trim is ugly and soiled.

luggage carrier before

Before I could get started on painting, I had to remove the webbing. This required some muscle and a small flat head screwdriver to wedge between the staple and the wood.

I decided to paint my little luggage caddy in “Vintage” by Americana Decor. The label on the bottle makes it look more green but it’s definitely more blue. The blue undertone actually worked out better for me since the greek key fabric trim I decided to use was blue and brown.

I painted on two coats of “Vintage” and then used a clear wax to seal it. Unlike my mirror, I didn’t sand or distress at all.

Here she is with her new greek key trim! The trim came from Tuesday Mornings. I simply attached the trim using my Ryobi Airstrike stapler. A few staples later and I was done!

chalky finishes deco art luggage carrier

deco art chalky finishes luggage rack

chalky finishes greek key luggage holder

luggage carrier in chalky finishes

I will be putting this luggage caddy and the mirror in my booth later this week.

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