Computer Cabinet Rejuvenated: The Reveal

Today’s the day!  I’ve decided even though I’m not finished I wanted to show off all of my hard work on this computer cabinet.  I snatched up this all wood and heavy office-in-a-box about a year ago via Craigslist.  I paid $75.  More than I wanted to pay but after weeks of creepy stalking on Craigslist I realized this was the cheapest option while not forfeiting quality.

So off we went.

This thing is a beast and I really had to do some convincing to get Big Daddy to go along with this purchase.  I had vision for it but all he saw was this.

computer cabinet before

As we tour the inside please note the top right door has a fold up/down desk.  This feature was key in selecting the right computer cabinet.  I needed a place to spread out and I didn’t want all of my papers at my keyboard.  Another great feature is the sliding keyboard tray as well as the sliding printer shelf below it.  To the left of the printer you’ll see a cubby in the shape of a PC tower.  At the time I was using my laptop and a monitor so this was just a wasted space.

computer cabinet before inside

You might be wondering if I’m always this messy.  Well the answer is complicated.  Yes, when I don’t have a system.  See exhibit A pictured above.  When I have a system everything is orderly.  Like my refrigerator and my craft desk storage.

Back to my computer cabinet…

This baby was big, it was heavy, and it was a dark orangey-brown stained cabinet begging for a little TLC.  Unfortunately for big-orange I took my sweet time before diving into this project.  I just was never in the mood, you know?

And here for the first time on the blog-o-sphere, please welcome a lighter brighter and certainly more organized computer cabinet.

Computer Cabinet Redo3

Computer Cabinet Redo4

Computer Cabinet Redo5

I really wish I had a better camera to capture the true beauty of the colors.  I definitely waited too late in the day to take photos but I hope you get the idea.  Even though the shelf area appears to be dark, it isn’t. Boo hiss shadows.Computer Cabinet Redo6

Psst, are you digging my desktop background? You can get it free! Check out this post.

Computer Cabinet Redo7I’m so excited about all of my organized zones.  On the left side I have a magnetic eye chart calendar (how cute is that?) and an empty space above that will become a crafty project in the future.  On the same side but on the bottom door I have two pocket files with labels for easy filing of any current projects that still need to be finished.  You can see that I went ahead and covered the opposite lower door with two more pocket files.  Do I really need all of these inboxes?  Yep.  As soon as my label maker arrives in the mail I’ll give you more detail on what all of those folders are for.

I changed out all the hardware including the file drawer at the bottom. No longer a button sized knob but rather a sleek bin pull with a self stick label above it. The best part is my toes fit right under that bin pull and I can open the file drawer without bending down. I might be super lazy.

Oh, let me explain the random pillow you see next to that cute bin pull. It’s a down pillow and my Baby Sofia likes to sleep on it. She also loves to be all up in my biz so I thought I would offer her a place of her own. But she’s a cat and she NEVER does what I want. The keyboard still reigns supreme for her snoozing pleasure. When I find the right trash receptacle it will take the place of Sofia’s bed.

I added a sheet of cork to top right door and gave it a little washi tape bling.  But my washi tape is lifting.  It’s cute but it’s days might be numbered.

Check out my diamond bling stickers I added to my pocket files!

file embellishments

Anyone else a post-it note addict?  Yeah, it gets real crazy up in here.  My environmentally conscious solution was to get a piece of acrylic cut to the size of my pull out keyboard tray so that I can use dry erase markers to write out all of my “I have to write this down or I’ll forget” notes.

dry erase board

There is more to share but I’ll need to break this down into a couple of posts.  In the meantime, how about a before and after?

Before & After Computer Cabinet Redo

Before & After Computer Cabinet Redo Outside

UPDATE: I posted my Computer Cabinet Source List! My paint colors and the stores I bought most of the items used in this reveal are there so go check it out!!!

computer cabinet3


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  1. looks AMAZING! i love the colours you chose to work with, and that chair looks perfect! a huge project, clearly, but so worth it i am sure!
    XO, mama lola

  2. Hey, Big Daddy here! Well, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with what you did here. Yeah, I was less than supportive of the idea to begin with (do people REALLY still buy these things to work out of). But after seeing/living through the transformation
    first hand, and now seeing you working happily every day from your new crafty space, you’ve converted me. I’m a workspace re-do believer after all!

  3. I love love love it! I never knew such a cabinet existed, that would be really handy for us…guess I’ll have to start trolling Craigslist for such a gem. Love the colors too!

      • Not very well…weather has turned cold making it hard to work on it!
        It has been sanded and now I’m not sure on keeping side doors or taking
        them off and using baskets. Keep the middle drawers or not? Uggg Decisions decisions!

  4. Christine this is absolutely beautiful!!! You did such a great job. WOW How fun it must be to work in that space. Love the cabinet and the fact it has that side table to work on. How neat!! Such organization!! Enjoy!!

  5. I love your redo! I can’t even tell it was the same cabinet. I am now following you on Twitter and Pinterest from Kreative Creationz. P.S. It’s always nice to meet a fellow Army Veteran.

  6. Now that is organized. I’m looking around at my desk space and wondering if I can channel some of that over here! I’m in a hot mess right now! Yours looks terrific. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.

  7. I basically have the same type computer cabinet except my doors are all one piece on each side. Currently it serves as our tv cabinet. I got mine free from a friend and repainted it black several years ago. Recently we purchased our first flat screen and while it fits in this cabinet we are thinking of upgrading our tv cabinet too. I have limited storage space in my house as far as closets go, and this would be a great idea to house all my scrapbooking supplies. I can probably modify one door and add the drop down table too. This would totally free up a closet in my house for guests to hang clothes and store extra blankets.
    This is a beautiful. Thank you for sharing your project and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY!
    Marilyn C.

  8. Wow Christine – this is one of the best cabinet turned home office makeovers I’ve seen yet. Awesome job and definitely pinning this one! Glad I found you over at A Stroll Thru Life Party. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  12. I absolutely love this!!! I stumbled across one on craigslist already repainted. Of course the price is a lot more than I want to pay, it’s totally worth it for me because I do not have the time to redo it. So it’s ready for me to add those easy special touches! Where did you find the cork board and file holders? How did you attach them. I work for a non-profit out of my home and have been needing a beautiful space to work. I didn’t want to purchase a huge desk because hopefully baby number two will occupy my now office 🙂 the armoire will be perfect for when we have to move it in the living room. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful creation!!!

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  14. Christine, this sooo awesome and I am sooo proud of you and was so happy for you with the County Living feature too. Thank you again for linking up to the Something to Talk About Link Party to. I’ll share this again on fb this week. Have great week, Lisa

  15. Christine this doesn’t even look like the same cabinet! You did an amazing job with this – it’s so AWESOME! I’m pinning this right now! Hugs, Coco

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  17. This cabinet redo is fabulous. I have been trying to find this computer cabinet everywhere and cannot seem to find it. Do you know where you can buy it brand new or the manufacturer? Thanks.