The Country Living Fair was spectacular. The setting was perfect and the people were adorable. I met some amazing women that I can’t wait to introduce you to over the course of the next few months. Until then, I thought I would just share some photos of the Fair and my fab finds!

Remember the long hunt for sheet music to make my sunburst mirror? Well, I finally found some. I bought 4 music sheet books on the last day for $4! What a bargain! You’ll be seeing this sheet music made into cute Christmas tree ornaments in the near future.

Of course, I couldn’t go home without my favorite thing….a ruler! I think I’ll be making this folding ruler into a star shape for my Christmas mantle. The ruler was $8 which is more than I would normally pay for vintage yardsticks but I knew I got a good find when all the other foldable rulers were 3 x more than what I paid.

The rolled up map is getting a frame. This map just struck me because of it’s unusual blue color. I paid $6. The other two double sided maps (I love it when things can pull double duty!) were only $1 on the last day!

I’ve been looking for those cute vocabulary flash cards since the summer and while other vendors were asking $7 for 1 flash card I bought 30 at $1 a piece. Awesome.

Big Daddy snagged a functioning oscillating vintage fan. Not only does this baby work and work well it’s so quiet. It needs a little cleaning but I love the teal-ish color. Big Daddy is a fan man so I’m pretty excited that we’ll be using this cute fan rather than those ugly plastic ones. The fan was our big splurge. It cost us $50 and even though it’s a chunk of change, I figure it’s practical and useful. And I know for a fact these babies go for much more than what we paid.

How do you like my little shoe form? It’s so tiny. Let’s just say I won’t be using it to make myself any shoes! I think the little shoe might make a cute decorator piece on a bookshelf.

One of my favorite finds from the weekend is the grain sack with initials! I can’t believe I got this for $30. The material is softer than most grain sacks plus it’s the size of a body pillow. In fact, it would be perfect for a body pillow slipcover. I almost didn’t go back for this because it was tagged at $45. Even $45 was a good price but you know me, I like to be cheap.

Last but not least, my Indian motorcycle signed artwork. I’m not sure where my decorating style is going with this picture but I just love it. I love motorcycles so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I would be drawn to it. Mad props to Big Daddy who said to me “I love the way you pick up the most random things”. I guess random means eclectic. Or eccentric. Either way I love the way Big Daddy celebrates my eccentricities and is constantly supporting this blog.

Here he is taking one of MANY photos at the Fair where by allowing me to focus on getting lost in the Fair. Thanks BD! I’ll be sharing more photos of the fair but I’ll need to get them from his phone first.

Remember in my Country Living PSA I told you about a prize-y prize that Rust-oleum was giving away to anyone who dropped off a photo of their project using their products? Well I submitted this little montage of projects and I got a heavy duty canvas bag and spray paint grip to use on my cans of spray paint! I’m so excited to try out the grip!

This won’t be the last post on the Country Living Fair so stay tuned!

Question: Any thoughts on what you would make with the items I bought?




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    Oooh I’m jealous of all those great finds! Thank you for linking up at Doodles & Stitches 🙂


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