It’s here! The Country Living Fair 2012 is finally coming to the ATL this weekend! Woo Hoo!

I’m crazy excited about the location, the vendors, the speakers, the magazine, and of course all of the stuff! They’re calling this the place where ‘the pages of Country Living magazine come to life!’ and I’m so ready for it!

Atlanta in October is glorious. Bright sunshine over fall colored leaves and a bit of brisk in the air. Add all that to Stone Mountain Park and you’ve got yourself some Country Living!

What’s What & Who’s Who

Join me at the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 26-28, 2012, from 10a.m. until 5p.m. They promise great shopping, antique appraisals, seminars and demonstrations, delicious food, and a chance to meet the editors!

One day tickets: $16/$13 in advance

Weekend pass: $20/$15 in advance

Early bird: $40 advance purchase only

Read more: Country Living Fair Atlanta 2012 – Country Living Atlanta Georgia Fair – Country Living

Parking: $10

They’ve provided a detailed schedule of the demonstrations, book signings, and meet and greets!

Here are some pics I found on the net from previous CL Fairs. If this doesn’t get you pumped to go then I don’t know what will!



Oh and enjoy these deliciously clear and colorful photos while you can cause I’ll be using the ol’ camera phone at the Fair. While researching CL Fair pics I came across an ATL blogger at Brown Eyed Girly Girl. I’ve requested the name of the camera she uses cause I’m saving my pennies…and I do mean pennies… One day I tell you I’m gonna have a sweet super focused camera and when I do you’ll probably get personal invitations to its coming out party!

Bring Your Rust-oleum Project Pics

Rust-oleum is one of CLF’s awesome sponsors (no one is paying me for the following compliments) and you can get a prize-y prize for bringing photos of any of your creations where you used Rust-oleum products! Oh and the coolest part is your photo will be on display in their booth! Remember my mean green dressing machine and Rust-oleum’s Furniture Transformation Kit? Yeah, it’s an eye popper! This post continues to be my most visited. Be sure to check the board for this pic!

Alright, if you’re heading out to Stone Mountain Park this weekend drop me a line! I’ll be out there Saturday and Sunday (I hope!). Big Daddy and I drive 4 hours every Friday to go see his youngest play football. We shut our eyes for a minute and then we drive 4 hours back on Saturday. Big Daddy has agreed to get up even earlier than normal on Saturday to get us to the Fair! What a great guy!

Question: Would you like to meet up with Big Daddy and I at the Country Living Fair?


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    • ccleahy

      I’m bummed for you! I’ll do my best to make you feel as though you were there when I write about it next week! Have a good time this weekend!


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