We haven’t heard any news about our Fire Marshall mishap and thus our construction is still at a stand still. However, this pause in building has given me a chance to get back to my usual Craigslist trolling. And as usual CL doesn’t disappoint.

I’m sure you’re starving for some CL humor. I haven’t shared a Craigslist Folly since the end of February! Here we go! And don’t forget to #CraigslistFollies when you share yours on FB, Twitter, and Insta.

Our first award goes to Mr. Dann Glann the Plumber Man

Oh mann, Mr. Gann why is Dann spelled with two “N”s? I’m kinda diggin Dannnnnnn’s zealous post and his unstoppable salesmanship. Dude gives you a payment plan and everything. I usually just demand the entire “lump sum” at the time of the exchange.


Our next award goes to the guy offering you illegal paperwork.

I’m less offended at this guys disregard for the law but more offended that his ad is showing up in my “furniture” search. Sheesh.



This award goes to the chick (let’s face it, this emoji definitely says “I’m a girl posting this”) with a crazy emoji obsession.

I think to many of us forget that conversations, emails, and classified ads shouldn’t be treated like you’re texting with your BFF. And also it’s creepy.



This award goes to Phillip who’s keeping it real.

He’s an avid reader and advocate of real books. Gotta love his enthusiasm for Mad Men. He’s selling all his MCM stuff cause the “Men” are at the “End of an Era”. Total mid century bummer. I’m loving his sage words of advice at the end. “Remember, no one ever inherits a family heirloom from IKEA, buy real furniture and improve your life.”

Totally agree Philli. My life rocks sans IKEA.


The next award goes to Photoshop Gangsta.

This has to be a rip off. Somehow “luxurious” and “100% acrylic pile” don’t feel right. You know what else isn’t right? I spy some oddly yellow grout beneath said luxurious bath set. Look closely. And I’m pretty sure that plant has been digitally grown.



This award goes to the Honest Cat Lover.

Cat Throne. A question or an exclamation? Either way this cat throne owner is honest to a fault. Now we know that faint smell is from a Chihuahua–and his 30 second claim to the throne.

IMG_8648 IMG_8649

And finally! I can’t resist the infamous award for Measuring Stuff Without Measuring.

I can’t tell if this is a miniature pen or a giant basket. Dang.



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