Creating An Organization Station!

I cannot wait to tell you all about my newest, greatest, and cutest organization station!  But first let me show you the problem that I was facing!

Although Big Daddy and I were so thankful to have been given the wonderful gift of living rent free for several months, the two bedroom condo has got me scratching my head on where to put everything we have.  Keep in mind Big Daddy and I both work from home.  And while not having a commute rocks, we never really get to separate our home from our work life nor are we able to separate our piles of stuff.

Ok, I hear some of you screaming, “Wait, hold on.  You live rent free and work from home in your PJs?”

I’m a happy girl indeed!  Here’s the scoop.  One of Big Daddy’s ministry supporters “donated” (aka rent free for 6 months) their condo to us.  You can probably imagine how amazing this gift was for us especially since I was leaving my full time gig in the Army.  And let me clarify, we’re in ministry in a recession.  These are tough times for everyone.  So when they graciously offered this opportunity, I hit my knees. Thankful is an understatement.

Back to the problem.

We all have that catchall place in our homes that collect mail, bills to be paid, keys, papers, pens, and more outrageously random stuff! When you live in a smaller space like we do this catchall place becomes a catalyst of exasperation!

The Solution: Organization Station!


I found a hanging file box from Target with a lid and a hidden compartment with a magnetic closure. (I couldn’t find the exact one online but this one is similar.) I had another project in mind for this box but when Big Daddy delayed my project due to his procrastination, I went to plan B. (If you’re reading this BD, sorry for I cannot tell a lie!)

The box came with hanging file folders and a cute white/gold chevron design on the inside but the outside was just plain brown craft paper.  I actually love that look but for this project I wanted to spice it up a bit! I considered mod podging fabric, painting, and even transferring images onto the box but nothing seemed to work for me. Instead I came across Beige Lotus Handmade Gift Wrap from World Market. This stuff is like a cross between wallpaper and hand made gift wrapping! I got only one roll and I ran out before the outside of the box was covered. OOPS!

Another problem has another solution! I had a bunch of paint sticks ready for another project and so I snatched up four to cover the width of the box that didn’t have paper. Almost a perfect fit!

I just trimmed each stick down to accomodate the lid…

Then I stained them using Minwax in dark walnut…

And hot glued those babies down…I decided it was too dark so I went over them with white acrylic paint and water until I was satisfied with the white-wash effect. I added the wooden mail catcher which I got for free at ReStore, white washed it, bedazzled it, and added felt flowers! (I’ll give you the felt flower tutorial in a later post.) I still want to do some organizing in the hanging files and in the top compartment but so far I’m in love!


What do you think?  How do you pretty up your piles?


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