K, ‘member when I told you that you had a few weeks before Christmas and if you wanted to do the photo/custom Christmas card thing that you should kick it into high gear cause you were totally running out of time?! Well guess what? Christmas just came early for one lucky super awesome reader.

I’m teaming up with Minted.com to bring you the most amazing giveaway! Eeek! One of you will get $100 buck-a-roos to spend on your very own custom designed (by you) holiday card on Minted.com. Yep, you read that right. $100 dollars!

Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe. Never heard of them? That’s okay, check out these info bites about Minted: 

-Minted is known for its high-quality paper and printing. Minted’s Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing.

-You can also choose 100% recycled paper, Pearlescent paper which adds a subtle shimmer, DoubleThick paper or even TripleThick paper.

-Minted offers 9 unique die-cut shapes

-A variety of backer options allow you to add additional photos, text, and customization options to your holiday card.

-This year at Minted all holiday cards are available with matching envelope designs and recipient addressing, FREE for a limited time. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.20.12 PM

Ohemgee. Look at those beautiful options! I can’t help but gush over the Snowflake ornament (upper right)! I’ll tell you this from my experience using the site, the cards, the fonts, the colors, and the styles are all beautiful with a modern feel to them. When you go on their website you’ll know what I mean. It’s like all the cool kids put their Christmas cards on one site and you get to buy them. Win to the win.

I just ordered my Christmas cards from Minted and I can’t wait to get them!!! After lots and lots of choices I narrowed it down to 10 and then I took those 10 to Big Daddy for a serious meeting of the minds. Read: he helped me pick out one cause I wanted them all. 🙂 So here’s what we chose.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.41.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.41.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 6.42.00 PM

Random side note here. Big Daddy believes that the front of our card should read “The Leahy’s” and I say it should read “The Leahys”. He’s such a grammar goon but I’m telling you that I’m right on this one and I will be going back and editing. 🙂

We opted for a fold over card (Big Daddy’s choice) even though I kinda preferred the flat card because I could take advantage of the die-cut options! Maybe next time.

Big Daddy and I prefer the term Christmas card to Holiday card so we were able to customize the inside of the card to suit our needs by including a scripture reference.

I had so much fun looking through all of the choices! Here are a couple of tips for you when you go onto the website.

-Pretty much everything is customizable. When you select an image don’t forget to click through the color choices! I didn’t realize that the image itself was customizable by changing the coloring until late into my shopping experience. (Duh)

-You can choose flat or folded at the top right corner.

-If you choose the folded then the inside is customizable. Be sure to check out their already awesome templates to help you get started.

-If you choose the flat card you can choose from several options like a design or you can choose to leave it blank. And my fav part is the DIE-CUT option! I feel like that just says, I’m cool, modern, and I’m so ahead of the game I send out cute custom Christmas cards. (I love that I get to be that person this year, finally!)

-Minted.com has a FREE option to print your recipient’s mailing addresses on the envelopes. WHHHAAATTT!? This is amazing. I cannot wait to just stick a stamp on the envelope and go!

Now, let’s talk about the photo card. I receive about 96% of cards that are photo cards. And while Big Daddy and I don’t have cute little babies to put on our Christmas cards, I know many of you do!

So here’s a nice quick tips list from Heather Lee. Heather shares pro photographer, Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Co., great photo tips. Read those tips here.

I wanted to leave you with a few cards that I love but didn’t end of picking.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.16.16 PM

The only thing more retro than this VW would be if they had an Airstream. How awesome would that be?!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.16.49 PM

I love this modern take on green and red. And of course the die-cut!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.17.07 PM

Look at the matching envelopes!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.17.32 PM

And of course your optional back of card choices.

Alright then. I’m sure you’re ready to enter for your chance to win $100 towards your very own custom Christmas cards. Here we go!
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About Minted: 

We believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of independent artists that people do not have access to through traditional retailers. Minted uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses. Minted is a design marketplace. We source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers. An early pioneer of crowdsourcing, Minted has held art and design challenges monthly since April 2008. Challenges are open for both submission and voting, the ‘crowd’ curates Minted’s product selection by rating products, and Minted utilizes analytics to evaluate votes.    

Disclaimer: I was provided custom cards for free in exchange for my honest and accurate review of Minted.com and their current Christmas card line. I only work with products and company’s that I like and I only give you my honest feedback of the company.

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