Are you tired of hearing, “what’s for dinner?” Are you tired of saying, “I don’t know, what are you making?”

I can’t promise someone else will cook and I can’t promise you’ll be in the running for dinner-maker-of-the-year, but I can promise you can have a  cute menu planning board. Nothing can stop you now!

Guys, this is super easy if you have the right tools.

1. Print out this awesome chalkboard-esque menu planner. Go here. I printed a 10 x 14 at Costco.

2. Find a picture frame with glass. I bought mine from Hobby Lobby.

3. Paint the frame. I used Peacock Tail by Behr and Martha Stewarts Metallic Glaze in Black Coffee. TIP: If you’re going to use glaze make sure you have a frame with a lot of detail otherwise it will just muddy up your paint color.

Once you’ve painted your frame and inserted your menu printable, you’re ready to start planning!

I bought a pack of dry erase markers called Expo Neon. The colors in the pack are neon blue, pink, yellow, and orange.

menu board2

DIY menu board2

DIY menu board

Has anyone tried a menu planning board? Has it been helpful?

UPDATE: I had a question about whether the dry erase markers are legible against the black chalkboard print. I’ve never tried regular dry erase markers so I can’t say but here’s a few pics of what my neon dry erase markers look like. And no, we aren’t having meatloaf everyday. But that might be a good April Fools week menu planning trick.


menu board and dry erase markers menu board + neon dry erase markers



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  1. Luisa

    This is super cute! I love that printable. I’ve tried using dry erase markers on glass before and I’ve had problems with the marker showing up very well. Do the neon markers show up pretty good against the black background?

    • Christine Leahy

      Hey Luisa! Thanks for your question! I went ahead and added some pics to the bottom of this post to help illustrate how well the neon dry erase markers work. I’ve never tried the “regular” dry erase but I imagine those would be impossible to read! Hope this helps!

  2. Lara

    It looks wonderful! I love this idea…now to find a great frame. (And I wouldn’t really mind having meatloaf every day…)

  3. Jane - Finding Fabulous

    Hi, thanks for linking up to Design {it} Friday! ps. I featured your chalkboard frame today in our favorites post!


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