Hey, have you ever felt like someone would poo-poo your ideas to run a marathon, join the Army, audition for a play, sing karaoke, or just about anything (fill in the blank)? It’s scary to share an idea with someone, sometimes.

An idea is rarely just a logical thought. Well, we all hope that’s where the idea starts, you know, in logic, but an idea usually meets up with a desire or passion we possess and pretty soon an idea is something that you are, rather than a thought you have.

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So if you’re brave enough to share your grand slam plans it can feel pretty scary.

We aren’t just sharing an idea. No way. We are sharing the most intimate parts of ourselves. Our passions and desires.

When someone laughs at your idea it can feel like they’re laughing at you. Laughing at that mysterious thing that makes us feel jacked up, the thing that keeps up restless at night, and giddy when no one is looking.

I get it. I’m in it. I have another great idea and it’s a sound one. But when I reveal it I’ll be revealing myself in a new way. I was just thinking of these things this morning and I wanted to help inspire you to move forward. Small step or a big ballerina leap, doesn’t matter.

I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. Go.

And enjoy this inspirational thought of the day.




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