Have you seen the incredibly cool Dress Form Christmas Tree Skirt idea that has been floating around Pinterest for a couple of years? I pinned that sucker awhile ago knowing that I had to find a way to make one.

It wasn’t until my booth was starting to take shape with the store front window displays did I see the real potential for a Dress Form Christmas Tree Skirt. I bought a really nice dress form several months ago and she’s been standing guard next to my desk in my office with nothing but an American Flag infinity scarf wrapped around her. I’m pretty sure it looked really weird sitting in the corner with no retail purpose but in my mind she was already wearing the Christmas Tree Skirt.

Here’s an inspiration pic

Dress Form Christmas Tree

via The Dusty Victorian

I’m pretty sure this dress is made of real tree trimmings and I’m pretty sure it smells amazing. Since I was putting this in a store, and not knowing the fire code for such a thing, I opted for a faux tree dress.

christmas tree

So if you’re going the faux route, you’re gonna need an old faux Christmas tree. I picked up one from Goodwill for $10. It was the kind where the individual branches must be stuck into the base, one by one. I had no idea if there was actually a tree in the tub that I bought but it didn’t matter. I could tell that there were enough branches to make my dress.

I did ask Big Daddy to use his muscles to bend the metal hooks down (like a candy cane) versus leaving them in the original state (like an “L”). Making each branch into a hook really just ensured that I could hang the individual pieces without utilizing floral wire to hold them in place. One less step! Whoot!

Dress Form tutorial

Because my little lady is covered in fabric and I didn’t want to harm her in the making of the Christmas tree, I wrapped a little burlap around her waist. Totally not necessary but that chicken wire is a mean son of gun that likes to poke you where it hurts.

Obviously your next step is to put on the chicken wire. This is a 2 person job. The wire is super aggravating as it wants to bend the way of the roll. You should probably wear gloves by the way. Big Daddy was bleeding all over the place. I, on the other hand, (no pun intended) did not get jacked by the wire. 🙂

While Big Daddy held the chicken wire up to her waist, I unrolled it until there was a little extra hitting the floor and then I cut it using wire cutters. We did this 3 times. Using the wire that was used to wrap the chicken wire package, we cut strips long enough to tie the 3 pieces together where they met at her waist.

Christmas Tree repurposed

Once the 3 vertical strips of chicken wire were secured together with more wire, I started hanging the individual branches.

Dress Form Christmas Tree Tutorial

Going all the way around I hung and fluff, hung and fluff.

Christmas Dress Form
I added a burlap “shirt” and used one of my patriotic flag swags as an apron to cover up all the extra wire and hooks.

dress form christmas skirt

I added a string of felt ball garland from West Elm around her neck like a pearl choker and a faux poinsettia from Hobby Lobby to her torso.

Dress Form Christmas Tree Skirt

Check out the cute little shoe forms! Doesn’t it look like she has feet? No head but she’s got feet. 🙂 I also hung some cute DIY ornaments that I’ll share with you next week. I’ll probably add lights and other things as a way to change up the whole outfit. So much fun!!!

UPDATE: Here is the link to my super cute 10 minute Christmas Ornaments.
Dress Form Christmas Tree

Tell the truth, this patriotic, natural, and casual Dress Form Christmas Tree Skirt is going to be all the rage, right?

Dress Form Christmas Tree Skirt Supplies

Dress Form-this one is only $20!

Chicken Wire

Wire Cutter


Christmas Tree Pieces of Real Tree Trimmings

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    • Christine

      Hi Charolette! When I wrote this post I added a link to a metal dress form that I found listed on Amazon for $20 but now it’s $30. Here’s the link http://amzn.to/1ZT3ZdW. My dress form was found at an antique store and I snagged it for $80 which I thought was a great price. 🙂


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