I headed over to Top This Top That to find the easiest diy wreath eva!  I love her simple yet sophisticated take on a rugged material like burlap! And the best part?  You just change out the “accessories” for each season!

I love how it turned out!  I’m still messing around with accessories and would love to add the letter “L” in between the flower groupings. We’ll see though 🙂

Want to make one for your home?  Ok, let’s get crafty!

Since I’m a new diy maven, I don’t have the luxury of hunting down odds and ends from previous projects so I’ll add a shopping list at the bottom for my newbie sisters!

Although the instructions ARE very easy I still had questions about HOW to make the wreath!  I know, not so bright!  I took pictures of the process for those readers like me who just have to SEE it!

First break out your new or “have it in the back of my craft closet” metal wreath form in any size you desire. You’ll need about 10-12 yards of 4 inch burlap.  I got mine at Michaels and it came in a package that looks like this…

I imagine you can buy burlap from the bolt but it would require some additional measuring and cutting.  I know that the holiday coming up has got local craft stores pumping out coupons like crazy so get ready!

Things to know up front:

1. Do not cut the burlap into strips or segments!

2. Burlap sheds!

3. Burlap stinks!

Ok, now begin by unrolling your burlap and place the burlap behind your wreath form like this…

Pull the burlap through the top…

Then pull the burlap through the middle…

And finally through the bottom…

Follow these steps over and over while you scrunch the burlap together for a fuller looking wreath.  Once you’ve pushed the burlap through the 3 spaces all around the wreath you’ll want to go back and tweak it so that the burlap is covering the green metal wreath form.

This wreath is so easy even my crafty cat, Sofia, is able to do it! Here she is fluffing as momma threads the burlap through!

To hang this beauty I used some twine, which I DID have on hand! So here’s the shopping list.

Materials List

1. 1x pack of 4 inch and 10 yards of Burlap Garland.  I found mine at Michaels and I think it was $4.99.

2. 1x green metal wire wreath form. I found at Michaels.

3. Twine to hang the wreath. I bought twine from HomeDepot.

4. Accessories! I made some felt flowers which I’ll show in a later post!


What do you think I should add to my wreath? My initial? Birds and nest? More flowers?  Help me decide!


UPDATE: You can see this easy burlap wreath in full Fall decor in another post called Fall Wreath & Mantle.


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