Recently, Big Daddy and I went to The Goat Farm’s outdoor vintage market (you can read about that here) and we bought soap made of Goat’s Milk (ironic, huh)!

I may be the last one on this band wagon but if you’re like me and heard about it but thought the claims of healthier skin were all fluff then read on, I may change your mind.

At the Goat Farm we met the owners and creators of Candace and Kids Soap Company. We spoke with Candace, who runs the soap shop, and her husband, a cattle farmer. They were down to earth and not sales-y so already I’m thinking let’s try this stuff!


Candace had what seemed like an endless array of choices all with unique scents but most importantly unique jobs! I found out that some were meant to guard from annoying bugs…can I get an Amen! While others were best for eczema, which I suffered from as a young girl so I know how awful that can be! Probably the most exciting news was that this goat soap is good for sensitive or acne prone skin! Uh, can I get another Amen! Listen, I’m 34 and it appears that my skin is stuck in 8th grade!

Candace also claimed that we could use this soap from head to toe! What you talkin’ bout, Willis? I have two bottles for my hair, two for my face (yep, that’s how jacked up my skin is), shaving cream, and that’s not counting the lotions and hair products outside the shower!

Big Daddy tried Rosemary & Mint from head to toe. He swears by it. Yes, he even used a BAR OF SOAP to shave his face! Guys and gals, if you’ve ever run out of shaving cream in the shower and had to use a bar of soap you’d likely just rough it that day!

All week Big Daddy asked me if I would try it and so I did yesterday. I had to admit the smell was invigorating! I used my poof to suds up just as I would if I were using the liquid stuff (I hate wash cloths!). I did forget to wash my face with the bar…I guess some of my habits are harder to break! But I will try it next time rather than using my very expensive acne face wash! But I did use it in my hair!

Before I tell you how it turned out, I have to tell you what my hair normally is. It’s THICK! Now think of the thickest head of hair…done? Well, mine’s thicker. Guaranteed. My hair is also wavy. Not easy wavy either. I have to “encourage” my locks to go curly and I have to “force” my tresses to go straight. Either way I go, it’ll be a workout.

The first improvement I noticed was when I went to brush my hair. No matter how much conditioner I use it’s ALWAYS a teeth grinding experience. I was shocked when my brush had little issues running through my hair. Could it be a fluke?

I started to dry my hair which is a good 20 minute snooze fest. When I started drying using a brush I noticed immediately that my hair wasn’t frizzy. It seemed almost sleek! To get the same effect I was getting with the Goat Soap I would normally use products for frizz and straighteners! By the time I was done I couldn’t believe it! Seriously. My hair looked like I used a high end flat iron.

My hair looked so good Big Daddy even noticed how “different” it looked!

Now, I’m no hair model or consumer reporter but I do think you should try it. Just think of all that shower real estate you’ll get back when you replace the 12 bottles with one bar of soap! Your spouse might just thank you!

For more information on the benefits of Goat Milk go here. For more information on Candace and Kids go here.

One final thought…

I love supporting the work of local women and Candace surely fits the bill. She’s a Georgian, she’s real, and she’s definitely getting crafty!

By the way, the soaps are made here in the good old USA! And they aren’t tested on animals!


Have you tried Goat Milk Soap? What about in your hair?

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  1. Big Daddy

    Hey, Big Daddy here. Love the goat soap, used it again today. I'm not normally excited about bath and shower products, but I am when it makes my life simpler. So for me, 1 bar of soap is all I use for soap, shampoo AND shaving cream! Yes, I said shaving cream. And it's not like when you run out of shaving cream and have to use soap and the razor rips the hair off your face. This stuff really lathers up, just enough to get in a good shave.

    Now, if I could just get my Crafty Girl to make the switch and get rid of some of her plethora of hair and body products that are taking up valuable real estate in our shower. 🙂


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