Let me just tell you that I had such a difficult time deciding on which Fab Find to feature today!  I’ve been on a hot streak!

Big Daddy’s birthday was just a few days ago and we decided on an impromptu stay away in the mountains!  We had such a good time sight seeing and Big Daddy just loves to show me little shops where he thinks I might find a treasure or two!  I’ll tell ya, he’s pretty awesome!

We found a 3 story 150 year old home that was converted into an antique warehouse!  It was really laid out well and without the musty smell so we were able to spend a few hours unearthing treasures!

One of the fancy finds I happened upon was a beat up old milk glass lamp.  I’m not sure why I’m so into the milk glass right now especially because sometimes I look at it and think this is so “old looking”.  Not the really cool vintage retro old looking but just old…looking.  Hmm.  Who’s on first?!

I’ve cleaned it a few times but as you can see it will need additional attention and a little gold paint!  So, my idea to combat the “too old old thing” is to spruce it up with some modern lamp shade.  I’m still deciding on the shade which is why I have this random plain white shade hiding a random chandelier light bulb!  And please don’t be disturbed by the other parts of the bathroom….I’ve got big plans!

Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you how much I spent!  Two big ones.  Yep, $2  sweet.

What do you think about milk glass?

Shout out your finds ’cause I’m dying to hear about your great deal!

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