Alright, I realize the secret to a well attended site and dedicated readership is to have content for them to read…alas, I’ll get use to being dedicated to the one or two of you who’ve read my first blogging attempts!  And thank you by the way!

Let’s get to some serious bragging.

Introducing Fabulous Finds Friday!

I’m inviting everyone to brag about that fantastic find from the thrift store, yard sale, or from curbside!  You know who you are!

I’ll start!

I’m not sure how or when I discovered I was very good at finding the right thing at the right time at the right price, however, I know EXACTLY when Big Daddy realized his girl got game!

I’ve always been a “skip-the-front-of-the-store-and-go-to-the-back-of-the-store-for-the-clearance-rack” kinda girl but recently I’ve taken it up a few notches.

In January, Big Daddy and I were invited to speak to men and women in the western parts of Kenya.  As I prepared for this adventure I realized that I would need modest clothing like long skirts.  I certainly had the modest thing but long skirts?  Nope. Turns out that’s not a big fashion trend here in the States either!

A friend of mine suggested Goodwill.  She and I hit up almost every Goodwill in the greater Atlanta area!  I got many long skirts!  But then I realized something.  I was sick of being taken advantage of by retail stores!  I was smelling a revolt!

So when I made an excited call to Big Daddy on a Saturday afternoon about an estate sale he agreed to meet me.  We managed to snag 2 Ethan Allen bookcases each with a glass enclosed hutch and under mount lighting!  And we paid….$150!!

Then I started looking for other things like chairs, dining table, headboard, and dresser.  I found them all and at amazing prices!  Big Daddy was falling in love with me all over again!

But my recent amazing find is something that makes me wanna spew excitement all over the place!

Ta-dah!  Meet my Brother ls-1520!

Here’s the catch…I don’t know how to sew!  For years I’ve wanted to learn but I think Big Daddy thought it would be a passing fad.  After all, I was a Soldier in the US Army!  I think he had a difficult time picturing the same woman loading a semi-automatic weapon with someone who loads bobbins!

My Bro cost me a grand total of $16 from Goodwill!  Whoa.  Seriously?  And guess what?  The light turns on and the little needle moves when I press the gas!  I printed the manual off from an online source and I’m already way over my head!


So, what is your most recent transcending thrifty out of body experience?  I mean what cool thing did you get for cheap?

Any tips for a wanna be bobbin loading woman?


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    • Christine

      OOOHH how I love your stool! I thought I was the only one who had a problem finding the right fabric for a project! I've have an antique chair sitting in my office for a few months waiting to reupholstered but I can't decide on fabric so it just sits there taunting me!

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  1. Michael

    Hey there, this is "Big Daddy"…otherwise known around these parts as "Chrissy's husband". Yes, I'm proud of my girl. She's got quite the knack as a "Crafty Gal", and man, can she ever hunt down the deals on Craig's List.

    I'm constantly in awe as to the bargains she comes up with. But I think her best was finding me this amazing, antique hi-boy dresser that, while it definitely needs a painter's brush makeover, is otherwise gorgeous. And she only paid $100!!!

    I'll try to get her to write about it and include a picture soon. Suffice to say, her find for me was my best deal ever.


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