You read that right.  I’m officially famous or at least this here blog is.  But before you go stalking me for an autograph let me tell you how failing is the new success.

Perhaps you remember a little DIY Chalk Paint post I launched where I lamented about what worked for other bloggers was NOT working for me.  I wanted to be a good blogger and run with the leaders in DIY so I knew I was destined to try this little thing called chalk paint.  A wildly popular painting treatment used on furniture for those who are too lazy to sand.  Yeah, I said it.

I was down with the no sanding magic paint but not the price tag.  After extensive Pinterest research I discovered I could make my own!  Awww yeah.

With my recipe in hand I started to, well, fail.

So I blogged my blunder and guess what?  Someone actually read it.

A certain someone who produces a little radio show called The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana.  Anyone an old school Design on a Dime HGTV fan?  Yep, Frank Fontana is that guy.

The Down and Dirty Show

They were contacting me to be a guest on their show!  And I was so down with that.

I still slip out a chuckle when I think about how I got invited onto a radio show with 3.5 million listeners.

Because I failed.

And something inside me just wants to yell, “That’s so awesome!”

Failing your way to fame.

I think I’ll remember that the next time I think about stopping before I start because I might fail.

In case you missed it you can listen here.  If you want to skip the other guests and get to me then adjust your player to begin at minute 42:13 shown on the bottom left of the player.

Blog Planner Release!

I announced on the radio today that my Ultimate – Spectacular – Awesome Blog Planner will be released tomorrow!

Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on for months.

ultimate blog planner

See you tomorrow!

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