Remember when I shared my easy burlap Fall wreath? Well, it turns out I really like that bad boy above the fireplace which brings me to the door decor dilema. After the longest run in history, I took my 4th of July Wreath off of the front door and now the door is a nude mess. I also mentioned (sarcastically) I should throw up a dang pinecone bouquet and call it a day. Well, I ended up taking my own advice.

Maybe I am the smartest woman alive…

As you can see I took some brown velvet-y ribbon from Michaels and hot glued it to my pine cone. And because my door is aluminum and because the door jam above doesn’t have enough room for the “over the door wreath hanger”, I decided to tie the ankle rollers pine cones to the door knocker. I’m pretty good at improvising, don’t ya think?

I threw in a few fakes to give my black door some color and I called it a Fall day.

Question: Anyone else have a door that won’t decor? How do you hang wreaths?

P.S. A hundred apologies for the repeat emails you may have received the other day. I’ve been migrating my RSS feed over to Feedblitz from Feedburner and I do believe I have it all under control now. Thanks for your understanding!

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