Alright, I was a tad excited about finishing my ruler mantle wall thingy and I may have jumped the gun. What does “jumped the gun” really mean? Anyone know where that saying came from?

Anyways, I forgot a few “things” like my 3D Star Garland!!! and I forgot to move that fireplace screen (which I’m not a fan of). If you’d like to see my first attempt you can go here.

So here’s my do-over.

Did you notice the butterfly on the mantle and the butterfly in the frame? Both images are from The Graphics Fairy. I also used an image of a skull from the same site. If you’re looking for amazing graphics head over there and you will likely spend the rest of the day browsing!

See how I can’t let things be? If there was any doubt I’m not a designer than this do-over post should confirm it. I just keep messing with things until I can live with it. Of course, what I can live with changes almost every hour.

Question: Do you like my fall mantle now? Am I crazy or are there others out there that can’t leave well enough alone?

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  1. karah @ the space between blog

    Your ruler mantel is too cool!! And that star garland is the perfect addition. It’s great … until the next change, of course. 🙂

    • ccleahy

      Thanks Karah!!! It was a labor of love! Yea, I was thinking maybe I could break some kind of blogger world record…maybe for dragging out one post the longest! I should look into it. 🙂

  2. Laura Sexton

    I LOVE this! How unique and beautiful! I would love to have a mantle like this in my house:)


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