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Happy Monday! I love my Farmhouse Decor Mood Board this week because this is the overall style of my house! In fact, I have a few of the things I listed here!

Vintage Farm House Decor Mood Board

Farmhouse Decor

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Soap & Water Sign

Rustic Barn Wood Frame

Wood Airplane Prop

Metal Galvanized Wine Carrier

Mercury Glass Paris Bottle

Whale Statue

Galvanized Milk Can

Set of 3 Crates

Enamelware Bowl

Farm House Decor - Whale Sculpture

Farmhouse Decor – Whale Sculpture

I bought two of these guys sans the stand and I LOVE THEM! They seem summer/coastal to me but when I pair them with other muted colored decor it seems like it works. I get a lot of compliments and even an offer from a friend to buy them right off my shelf! NFS baby!

Farm House Decor Mercury GlassFarmhouse Decor – Mercury Glass

Alright, this one might be a stretch to fit it into a farmhouse style but who cares. Even though brass accents (and I have lots of it by the way) are the rage, I still like to sprinkle this mercury glass around my house. Love the sparkle. Especially during Christmas with candle light. Ooooh ahhh.


Farm House Decor Barn Wood Frame

Farmhouse Decor – Barn Wood Frame

I must have this. I actually bought a lot of authentic barn wood from an auction and the boards would work perfect for a DIY project. This barn wood frame is pretty inexpensive so I might just buy it and save myself the time. This doesn’t come with glass but I was thinking you/I could a fix a small clip to the cross bars inside the frame to display small Instagram pics. Good idea?


Farm House Decor - Galvanized Milk CanFarmhouse Decor – Galvanized Milk Can

When I was in college, I dated Steve. He grew up on a dairy farm and I loved visiting. His mother had an old milk can and she let me paint the seasons in sections around the can. I remember it being beautiful but honestly I can’t really remember if my art work was any good. I say, if a milk can is a great home decor item for an actual farmer’s wife, it should work for anyone trying to create the farmhouse decor look.


Farm House Decor - Airplane prop propeller

Farmhouse Decor – Wood Airplane Propeller

Here’s another home decor piece that doesn’t really fit but I’d make it work. I love that this is wood and has the muted, distressed paint. I just like this for its unexpected dimension. I’ve actually been looking for one of these and since it’s large, wooden, and inexpensive, I might pull the trigger. 🙂


Farm House Decor - Soap & Water Sign

Farmhouse Decor – Soap & Water Sign

I picked this up several years ago and I put it in our bathroom in between our two oval vanity mirrors.  This sign is a perfect combo of vintage lettering and a distressed wood frame.


Farm House Decor - Galvanized Wine Carrier

Farmhouse Decor – Galvanized Metal Wine Holder

Even though Big Daddy and I don’t drink alcohol, I thought this was really cute. Honestly, this is one of those home decor pieces that can wear many hats. Silverware caddy, craft storage, paint brush caddy, the list just goes on and on. Personally, I’d place glass milk bottles into each compartment and fill them with fresh flowers.


Farmhouse Decor - Enamelware bowl

Farmhouse Decor – Enamelware Bowl

I admit, I have a strange love for enamelware. I have a set of red and white bowls for sale in my booth and I have a blue and white set of bowls I decided to keep. I also have a set of small plates and cups. I really love this grey and white large bowl….I might start a whole new set in this color. 🙂


Farmhouse Decor - Set of Wood Crates

Farmhouse Decor – Set of Wood Crates

These crates are just classic. Functional and farmhouse fo’ sho’. I always used to say that my mom had a serious addiction to buying boxes and I might have inherited that, um, gene.



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