Hello people! I love thrift stores! And I love stating the obvious. 😉  I also like playing the “Probably Game”. Do you know what this is? I’m sure you play it and don’t even know it. Here’s how the game goes.

Big Daddy and I will take a drive somewhere, anywhere, and when we happen upon a stranded car on the side of the road each of us quickly assesses the scene and then the stream of conscience hypothesis begins.

I’ll say, “It’s probably an over-heated engine.” Big Daddy will say, “He probably ran out of gas.”

We do this with everything. Accidents on the highway require the probably game. So does anyone begging for money on the side of the road. “He probably just lost his job…aren’t we all just a paycheck away from being homeless?”

I play this game in thrift stores too. Anytime I find a treasure I add a story to it. I like thinking about the whys behind everything.

So when great pieces like this mirror come along with an $8 price tag I like to find an logical explanation for it. Mirrors are always valuable especially with wood frames with some heft to it.

“They probably donated the mirror because they got divorced…and she wants to start over.”

I bet you do this and don’t even realize you’re in the midst of a full blown story. The next time you’re in the car and spot something odd like an abandoned car with a running engine and the passenger side door ajar, I bet you’ll probably….

Alrighty then, without further ado here is my mirror mirror on the wall.

I forgot to take a real before shot but here it is with half of it primed.

As you can see it was some kind of gold-brass color…grass color? I guess this word collaboration just works with grey-beige…greige.

Anyways, I was so intent on using a bright yellow for my bedroom since it’s always dark to brighten it up, I never even considered another color. But I think I nailed it! By the way I used Rustoleum’s Gloss Sun Yellow spray paint.


Question: Do you play the probably game?


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