This post has nothing to do with furniture, paint, or getting crafty. It’s about my hair.

I’ve had a few haircuts and a few highlights, lowlights, box colors, and salon colors. And on Wednesday I will be heading to the salon once more. What to do with my hair is the question. I’m not unhappy with it but I always like to take my time before I submit to the “usual” and decide if I want to express myself a bit different this time around.

So this time I thought it would be fun to take a peek at a few (sc)hair dos from the past.

Here goes.

Obviously this was taken on November 4 2006. I was on my way to my high school’s 10 year reunion. I met Big Daddy just a few days before. Do you think I was thinking that I had just met my husband? Ask me about our story. It’s a good one!

Big Daddy and I in Chicago at Christmas time. This was my dark phase. I was living in Chicago after all. I thought it was much more hip than what I was sporting before….

Check out that Florida tan! Yeah, the highlights worked with a tan but the sun doesn’t have the same affect on you when you live in Chicago. I think this picture was in 2004. I lived in Orlando.

Big Daddy hates this picture but I think it’s me to a tee. I much prefer to bug my eyes out or stick my tongue out at the camera than to smile pretty. I have a complex about a certain small looking tooth…yuk.

Never mind those red eyes. Yowzaa. Here I am in 2007 a few days away from getting hitched to Big Daddy in Jamaica.

Ahh the Army hair phase. MUST. NOT. TOUCH. THE. COLLAR. Here I am signing autographs (totally weird) after a Spirit of America performance. That year was the year of the “young Hillary Clinton” hair. I kid you not audience members would shout out to me as I exited the stage that I looked like Hillary Clinton.

Just a cute little Army standard bob with blonde highlights. Oh how the Colonel hated my hair. I think it was too girly for him. I got called out hundreds of times over 4 years. Sheez.

Once I got on board with the “sock bun” I stopped being a target. I spent the last year in the Army not getting in trouble for bad hair. Yay me.

This hair do did somewhere around Summer 2009. Big Daddy’s first book hit the Barnes & Noble shelf. Good moment for us and not bad for the hair.

I went to work one morning and I was asked to attend the USO Gala. Have you ever bought a gown, shoes, and got your husband a tux in 5 hours? Who says the impossible isn’t possible? Speaking of, my hair was growing out and it was completely impossible to create an elegant up-do. Ugh. But meeting “Mac” was awesome.

My hairstyle photo montage would not be complete without a Christmas morning pic. Man I love those socks. Aloe + socks = awesome.

Ok, tell the truth are you looking at my small tooth? You can tell me.

Question: Should I stick with what I have (similar to the picture above it’s just longer) or do I go in another direction? You have until 5pm to decide!



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