Confession: I’ve never hosted Thanksgiving.

Big Daddy and I have made the big Turkey et. al but it was just for us. Even with an already gratitude filled holiday, Big Daddy and I have even more to be thankful for. We actually had our first date over Thanksgiving and then a year later, while in boot camp, Big Daddy proposed for the 2nd time. We got married less than a month later.

Thanksgiving has always been a great holiday for us even when we didn’t have family parading through the front door with warm side dishes in hand.

This year Big Daddy and I will be heading to my Aunt Carol’s house. We’ll be bringing pies and my favorite dish, corn casserole.

I imagine for many of you hosting Thanksgiving is something you have some experience in or maybe this is the 1st time. What ever your hosting experience I hope that these free printables will help you get the party started.

Aren’t these beautiful?! Head over to Hellobee and print out these cards and give one to each of your guests. Your guests can fill them out and share what they are thankful for once everyone is around the dinner table.

And for your special guests sitting at the kids table check out these free activity sheets. Print these out and have a small container filled with crayons on their table and you might get a little more adult conversation time.

Meredith Plays gives us some very cute BINGO cards to play while watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade and even the football game. I think these two BINGO cards can keep everyone engaged while watching TV! TIP: When you arrive at the home page, look at the bottom right corner of her site and you’ll see “Holiday Printables” with links to a few different BINGO games.

As a holiday hostess you’re likely already thinking about all of the leftovers and what to do with them. Well, meet Pizzazzarie. These are the chicest leftover labels. With alittle planning you may be voted the next Martha Stewart. Is that a reality TV show yet?

And finally, this next printable involves more planning and work than I’d probably ever do but I know there are people out there who aren’t as lazy as me. So here’s to you, whoever you are.

These freebies scream I’m soooo sophisticated. I’m telling you if you have a dreadfully opinionated MIL (which I don’t btw!) then I suggest you bust out these. Even the biggest critic will find it hard to diss this.

I do hope this helps you! Enjoy your family time and good luck!


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  1. Deborah Smith

    Thanks for sharing Christine. I’ve only hosted Thanksgiving for my family once I think. As usual this year I am making a couple dishes to take to my moms. She has a bigger house for all of us. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays.


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