Houston?  Are you even listening?

Dear Houston:

I couldn’t finish my assignment blog post because my cat threw up everywhere.

Then I threw up everywhere.

Just when I thought I would be able to get back to work, I turned 35.  Gut wrenching of another kind.

How did I get this old?

Houston, all systems appeared to be umm better when my computer said that it was going on strike.  Something about not being able to work any more because of space issues.

Lazy computer.

Big Daddy negotiated with terrorists and brought computer back from the picket line and so Houston that is why I lost contact for like a million minutes.

I can sense your relief.  I’m sure I can hear your cheers that I’m alive, albiet a bit lighter thanks to my diet stomach flu.

Houston, I’m still a capable blogger and I intend on throwing up less and writing more this week.

I’ll talk to you soon Houston.  Promise.


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    • ccleahy

      I love it when you stop by!!! I’ve got a real celebrity on my blog!!! Congrats on the Country Living award!!!

  1. Regena Fickes

    So glad you are feeling better. This stomach thing is nasty. God bless

    • ccleahy

      Thanks so much! I was so miserable! I just kept thinking each day I’ll feel a little bit better the next day! I hope it misses you!


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