Sorry, I couldn’t resist. No I’m not pregnant but Big Daddy and I decided to add to our family.

Meet Baby Scoop

Baby Scoop has been hanging out with her foster family for about a month and we’ve been hopeful to bring her home for weeks but a little nasty infection has kept her in quarantine. But I found out today that she has been medically cleared and we’ll be able to pick her up on Saturday on our way home from the game.

Scoop is a Russian Blue. Baby Sofia is also a Russian Blue and I’m convinced the best cat breed. Ever. Their coat is beyond soft. I love to cuddle with Sofia because I love the softness of her coat.

Scoop was born with a few too many toes. The docs call it Polydactyl or Hemingway cat. Little known fact about the famous American literary writer is that he fancied himself a cat man.

Indeed, among the Nobel Peace Prize and somewhere in between his 3 plus marriages and several best sellers, Hemingway discovered a love for the rare defect in the quiet sophisticated kitty. He had so many of these cats on his estate in Key West that the nickname Hemingway cat was born.

We’re pretty excited. And a little anxious about how Sofia will take to the addition. It’s been 10 years since I’ve had a young cat so I guess I’ll need to brush up on the different kinds of kitty food to use.

The biggest question I have is whether I will be officially called “the cat lady”? Two cats and no children. Hmm. Maybe.

Hopefully Scoop will be open to a few photo sessions this weekend!

By the way, I haven’t been able to get all of my pics downloaded (space issues) onto my computer of the Country Living Fair but I’ll tell you all about it soon! It was so awesome! * squeal*

Question: Any proud cat ladies out there? Holla!

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  1. Sarah Ingram

    What a cutie! We have a part Russian Blue (adopted from the local humane society, so we don’t know how ‘pure’ she is), and she is the sweetest cat we’ve ever had. I’m glad Scoop is making a full recovery! 🙂

    • ccleahy

      Thanks! Yeah Sofia was adopted and Scoop will be too from a shelter. Who knows what they’re mixed with! But they look so much like a Russian Blue and act like them. I would love to see a pic of your girl!

  2. Jackie A

    She’s beautiful Christine. I’ve been a cat lady (6 at one time – all indoors) but am currently down to one. They are definitely my favorite animal.

  3. Thistle

    So sweet! That is the cutest little face 🙂 Congratulations!



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