Big Daddy and I survived another move. Whew. The first move from the condo to the house went very well even through the rain. We had two great movers who did an outstanding job! In fact, one our movers was celebrating his birthday the day we moved so I ran out to the local Publix and bought up a bunch of cutely decorated Christmas cupcakes and we surprised him with candles a glow and a birthday serenade! He had a wonderful spirit about him and I was pleased to know that he enjoyed our surprise. In fact, he told us that no one had ever done anything like that for him before. A part of me thought what a shame it was that people in his life hadn’t honored his birth with more fuss and the other part of me rejoiced at the sheer gratitude in his eyes.

But that was only part 1 of our 2 part move. Big Daddy and I kept most of our stuff in storage for the past year and a half. So we managed to drag our out of shape bodies through another lift and haul kind of day. Of course, Big Daddy being the gentleman he is, would rarely allow me to lift a heavy box. And even though I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t want to be dropped off at the door while he parks the car ( my motto is “if he walks, I walk” ) I appreciated the lengths he went to in order to avoid any more trauma to my already chronically injured chest.

As I think back through the many moves Big Daddy and I have gone through over the 5 years of marriage I’m reminded of our consistent priority to get out and experience nature before any unpacking occurs.

I remember the first time I moved to Atlanta from Chicago. We parked the U-Haul in front of the apartment and then headed to the Chattahoochee National Park to have a look around. We would sit on a rock or a picnic table and soak in the moment.

All the hard work of moving.

All the patience of a long distance relationship.

Finding joy in the smallest details.

And last week I knew Big Daddy was only thinking of one thing. Walking, exploring, and seeing his sweet sweet Lake Lanier.

Off we went photo journaling each serene view.

Even with embarrassing low water levels and barren trees, the lake is beautiful. Big Daddy and I still feel like we’re on a bit of a vacation when we go walking through the park which is in walking distance from our house.

It’s hard to express how thankful we are for this peace.

We live on a street where everyone waves when you drive by and will talk to you from down the street. When you turn off the main road you’ll need to use your high beams cause it’s country. The deer meander and cows and horses roam through open fields. And I can finally see the stars.

Stars. I thought they forgot where I lived. Or maybe I’d forgotten where to find them.

Of course I did take a break from exploring and star gazing to unpack a few boxes. And make a little Christmas with whatever I could find.

christmasmantle christmasmantle2 christmasmantle3

And here for the third time my burlap wreath is magically transformed with red picks from Christmas decorations past! If you missed it here are my burlap wreath and fall wreath.

I love this ornament garland that I whipped up in 5 minutes. Seriously. I had a bag of red ornaments from an event I held last Christmas and I just strung them through using floral wire.

We have our tree up with lights but no ornaments! I found ribbon but not enough ornaments to make it worth the effort. Big Daddy and I are gonna get all “Griswold” on the house today with some colored lights. Can’t wait!



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  1. Luisa

    Beautiful post! You express your peace and happiness with such grace! So sweet what you did for your mover! 🙂 Hope you both have a happy new year!


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