First of all I want to apologize for checking out for awhile. As much as I missed writing and creating with you all there were things at home pulling at my time.

Big Daddy and I headed to Lubbock, TX last weekend to speak at a conference called Illuminate. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so blessed to call this my job. I met so many fantastic people and I always leave Texas feeling like I just belong there.

And while my last few posts have been about the Kitty kingdom we were building, I haven’t told you everything.

Baby Sofia, our adult cat and long time resident here at my casa, became violently ill. She was foaming at the mouth so much that I took her to the emergency vet. Twas my first exposure to the all night kitty care and I can honestly say I hope I never have to go back. It’s an upsetting experience to say the least.

And while I won’t catch you up on all the stinky details I will say that Sofia was just a shell of the cat I had known for the last 10 years. Turns out she’s actually healthy aside from the stress of having a kitty in the house.

All at once my fears of loosing her came crashing down. It’s amazing how much a part of your life these furkids become. The routines that keep kitties at peace ironically became the same thing that soothed my human soul. And when her world was out of sorts so to was my world.

Meanwhile, Little Bit was as sweet as ever but still confined to one room. By the way, taking away one room in this condo is like eliminating half of our space. Little Bit caught a few more things for which required medications.

Sick kitties in small spaces made me a little stir crazy.

So today just isn’t my day.

We made the painful decision last night to give Little Bit back to the shelter. It wasn’t because of Little Bit or the lack of space. Sofia stopped eating last week and started limping.

After reading many cat forums about integrating different cats into one home and speaking with the vet we realized that this wasn’t going to work.

Sofia is just like me. Her anxiety gets so bad that it makes her sick. I don’t know how I did it but I was able to pass on this horrible issue to a cat. Not cool.

I packed up all of Little Bit’s toys and said goodbye this morning. Big Daddy had to brave the trip to the shelter all alone. I’m having a hard time. I haven’t been able to stop crying even though I know it will be better for both cats.

If you happen to be looking for the sweetest Little Bit kitty I know where to find her.


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