I was thrilled when Kristi from Addicted2Decorating started “Make It Happen Monday”.  She is a talented and successful blogger and yet she recently confessed that she has a problem;  she rarely finishes what she starts.  I could totally relate!

So when she suggested that her readers commit each Monday to finishing at least one of the many DIY projects that they had laying around their house, I decided I was all in.

For me, her suggestion was more like a wake up call.  As some of you know I’m actually a speaker and CEO of an International women’s non-profit organization and both of these responsibilities keep me very busy traveling.  When I’m home I’m just resting, relaxing, and recharging.

But for the last several weeks I’ve been grounded.  No trips, no speaking, no meetings.


Just home.

And it feels good to be in this place.

However, now that I’m home I realize that I’ve neglected to finish (or start for that matter) so many projects.  And with a little bit of accountability from Addicted2Decorating and a lot of time, I’ve finished reorganizing my laundry room!

Although we are suppose to finish 1 project every week I actually took 2 weeks!  BUT, I have a really good excuse!

I had a root canal!  OMGosh…..

Alright, here is the before.  I cringe at the thought of showing you this but here goes….

Yeah.  Awesome.  Not my finest hour.

But I’d say this is a big improvement!

So, mostly I just went through EVERYTHING and threw away boxes.  I discovered that the boxes take up so much room!  So instead of keeping each lightbulb in a flimsy container that it came in I threw it away!  GASP!  I put all of my lightbulbs into a blue wire basket and now I can SEE each bulb!  And that my friends is illuminating!

I also found wine crates (4 crates for $10) and they are my mini display/organization boxes for tool, paints, paper products, and laundry soap.  Even though I prefer to keep everything under lids or in drawers I decided this room had to be more transparent.  If I can’t see it then I (falsely) assume that I need to buy it.  Hence the overflowing basket of bulbs!

I love this little guy…

I found this porcelain tray at Michaels and stuck a magnet on the back and now it holds those random bits I find in Big Daddy’s pants pockets!  I just imagine this little guy saying “Hooos is this?”

So what project are you procrastinating on?

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