I’m convinced that buying an abandoned church, school, or barn would be the coolest thing ever. All of these structures inherently offer tall ceilings and impressive architectural design. Read amazing beams, stain glass, moldings, and amazing wood floors.

The more I dream about this wild renovation idea, the more I fall in love with it.

Let Operation Talk Big Daddy Into My Crazy Barn Renovation commence.

Hops Barns

So a Hops barn is a tall structure that was used pre prohibition era to dry Hops, a viney plant that grows on tall poles. Hops, when dried, is used in the making of beer. Heritage Barns seek out barns across the country, dissemble them, and then reassemble them on your land. Check out this Austin Art Studio that was from a Hops barn out of NY. I’m thinking that if I can’t talk Big Daddy into a full house barn then maybe a barn turned all around creative space. Oh. My. Goodness. Can you just imagine?!



What I love? In a word, everything. I love the slide. Cause sometimes it’s just better than using the stairs. AmIRight? The beams, oh the beams. They’re warm, rustic, historic, one of a kind character. Tall ceilings with ample floor space for large work tables. Total gush worthy.

German Style Barn

The Bank Barn restoration in Ohio is just stunning. I love that it absolutely still looks like a barn. I like the simple box design with it’s simple one pitch roof.



This traditional style barn gives a nod to the iconic red barn both outside and inside. These red base kitchen cabinets with polished nickel pulls reflect a traditional decor with a modern edge. I think if they had chosen another style for the cabinet face with any amount of detail the kitchen would have felt predictable. Barn=Country. The concrete rough edge top on the island leans equally rustic and modern. It seems like each of their design decisions were made so that the modern choices would balance any traditional choices. I find that balance to be very appealing. This kitchen can serve moonshine and Cosmos at the same dinner party.

 The SHED Barn

SHED worked on this project and it’s just amazing.


What I love about this barn is the use of drywall. In the photo below the drywalled ceiling and light colored paint really highlight the unique lines of the barn. Just by being in this space you know that it’s a barn without the barn wood screaming from every angle. “Hey, I’m a Barn. Look at all my barn wood.” Reclaimed barn wood is beautiful but when you over do it, you over do it. I love that the focus is on the lines of the barn, the beautiful window, and some barn wood on an accent wall.


The wood cabinets in this kitchen are just stunning. Could it be teak? They are incredibly modern with clean lines but that wood tone is so warm you barely notice them. And that work/prep counter space with a black metal towel hanger. Just genius. I love all the neutral palettes in this house. It makes the space so calm and yet the pops of color do wonders for the space and keep it from being a beige binge. Notice that the pops of color, in this case green, is a color found in nature. That kind of color can read as a pop of color just as easily as it could a neutral.


Is anyone else convinced that living in a barn is tres chic? Yep, I thought so.


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