If you’re just joining our weight loss journey, please allow me to recap.

Doesn’t this pic look like I’m losing my marbles?

1. Big Daddy and I got big. I mean no one wanted to sit next to us on the plane, big.

2. We made a promise to the boys that we would be healthier moving forward.

3. We began losing our marbles on Sunday, September 2, 2012.

4. Big Daddy wanted to lose 100 lbs. and I wanted to lose 25 lbs.

4. I made my own 16 lb. barbell out of milk cartons.

5. We’ve been tracking what we eat, how much we exercise, and our progress through a little app called myfitnesspal.

6. 5 weeks have passed and Big Daddy and I are making great progress!

The 5 Week Weigh-In

That’s right, yo. I’ve lost 9.2 pounds! In my mind that’s TEN POUNDS! 

I’m so thrilled. I don’t think I look that different but I feel better. Besides, the point was always about getting my feel good back. It was never about being on a diet. In fact, I still have “sweet to eat” occasionally and I still go to Panera and Wendy’s. I’m just making some major changes in what I choose to put inside my body. I’m sure you wouldn’t drag your new Louis Vuittan bag through a vat of grease so why should you drag your one and only body through that kind of yuk?

I bet you see my point.

But what about Big Daddy or “Mr. I ask the burrito guy to put extra of everything in my burrito”?

Drum roll please…

Big Daddy lost 15.4 POUNDS!!! 


Unofficially, he’d like to say he’s lost more but we only weigh-in on Sunday. Did you see that Big Daddy? I can’t break the rules for ya!

Just think, if you started this with Big Daddy and I, you’d be cruising along to your feel good destination.

What I Eat

I thought I’d give you an insider’s guide to some things I eat that keep me from calling this a “diet”.

1. Healthy Choice Premium Fudge Bars are 80 calories per bar. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t having ice cream every night, but when the urge strikes I give myself permission. These bars are Weight Watchers recommended if that helps at all.

2. Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (Half) is 340 calories. I usually just get the half portion and without the pecans. I hate pecans. This is a scrump-dil-e-icious salad and Wendy’s is open late and they’re everywhere. Big Daddy and I drive about 4 hours (one way) each week to see our senior play football so it’s crucial to have a “fast food” option.

3. Healthy Valley Organic Soup is 140 calories for 1 cup. Big Daddy loves his soup and sandwich. But when we talked about our sodium intake we had to deal with the issue of soup. If you’re unaware of the tragic, criminal, and dishonest labeling that is done via food companies, here’s an interesting article for you. The bottom line is soup has massive amounts of sodium. And ladies, you probably know that sodium helps you achieve the belly bloat. So not cool. We did find one company, Healthy Valley, that had all the right stuff. For every cup of Lentil soup you’ll get 140 calories and only 30 mg of sodium. To better understand how amazing this is do me a favor an peruse your soup aisle. Pay attention to the ones that claim to be lower in sodium, you’ll be shocked, you might laugh, but you’ll definitely be appalled by the misleading “light” or “lite” labeling that goes on.

QUESTION: What are foods you eat that are good for you and taste good?



Disclaimer: I’m not being compensated in any way from the companies listed above. I just wanted to share what’s been working for us. I hope it works for you too. Just in case, I should also say that I’m in no way an expert in the fields of nutrition or exercise. Please consult your physician and/or other specialists when trying to lose weight.


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