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I’ve been hunting down geometric design inspiration for the last couple of weeks. “Geometric” is the challenge for this months Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. Remember the last months contest submission? I rocked it but not enough to win. That’s totally ok with me because I love my piece and I was featured on the host’s websites!

So my project is due in just a few days and I’m still not settled on what I want to do. Ugh. Creators block. Thus, my mood is aptly all about geometric design.

Let’s just say I was totally pumped to dream up geometric designs since I have them everywhere in my house! The following pics are brought to you by the letter “I” for Instagram.

Fo’ instance, one of my sweets is resting her wee head on a pillow on a chair with a geometric lattice pattern.

geometric chair from target

Or what about two sweets resting their heads on each other on a geometric pouf. By the way I have some for sale. If you’re in the ATL area, you can buy them at my booth inside Woodstock Market.

geometric pouf

And this rug that’s in my office. The Young House Love dynamic duo have a similar rug and I just about obsessed over it until I found it in HomeGoods.

geometric rug instagram

Another rug. Similar to the large area rug but a different color.

geometric rug with apothecary cabinet

BTW, can you pleeeaaaassseee follow me on Instagram? I have a mere 124 people who are following me and it’s kinda embarrassing. Find me here or ccleahy. You’ll likely find many cat pics and the occasional arachnid. Umm, no wonder I don’t have many followers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.33.22 PM

So let’s talk about my mood board.

My Mood Board Monday Geometric Design

Geometric Designed Accessories

Shop the look!

Geometric Pendant Lamp

Aqua Note Taker

Set of 2 Trays

Geometric Pouf





I don’t know how I left this one off of my Desk Accessories Mood Board last week! My fav color and a desk accessory?! Getting this one instantly.

poppin paper note taker geometric design

I have a tray similar to this on my upholstered ottoman but it’s high time for another one. Yay! Without a solid surface ottoman, trays are an absolute. Updating the look of your coffee table becomes so easy when you’re using trays.

geometric trays

This geometric lamp is ah-mazing. Just click the link to watch a video on how you put it together! The product is made up of thin and flexible bamboo plywood. I’m thinking I could hack this if I had enough patience and math skillz.

geometric design pendant light

Poufs are great cat beds. That is all. Ok, and extra seating.

 geometric pouf

I have a pillow problem. I know it and I have no real plans to get help.

geometric design pillows

It never fails. If I see warm wood with bone inlaid, I must pick it up. I love these guys for their affordability and style.


Lanterns are so practical and great for design. I have these out and about and I just stick a battery operated candle in it and call it good. Here’s a tip: buy the candles that have a timer. There is something so great about the warm candle glow that pops to life throughout my house each night.

geometric design lantern

I LOVE this stool. Geo pattern? Check. My fav color? Check. Beautifully designed traditional wood legs? Check.

Geometric design stool

My favorite geometric design is the hexagon. I just want them all around me all the time. What’s not to love about this knob?


hexagon knob

I’m thinking of making these for the contest…

hex shelf


What’s your favorite geometric design?


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