How was your weekend? Big Daddy and I had a great weekend. We went to the Atlanta Boat Show on Saturday and then met up with my SIL, June, for dinner and a little Seattle Seahawks victory. Sunday we had the pleasure of witnessing a husband and wife who we mentor get baptized. And in between all that I decided that I wanted to get real serious about my organizing goals so I went after my disaster closet in the bathroom.

Bathroom Storage

I had to snap two shots in order to get the entire closet. It’s not wide but it is floor to ceiling. As you can see I wasn’t exaggerating here when I said it was out of control. And by the way, I’m completely perplexed as to why I have so many orange and green towels. #notafan

Bathroom Storage 2

For such a little space I was amazed at this huge lump on my bed when the closet was completely emptied.

Bathroom closest contents

It may seem overwhelming to organize a crazy cluttered space but take a deep breath and follow these steps:

  1. Empty out everything and lay it out (on your bed if you’d like)
  2. Go through EVERYTHING and put them in “throw out” or “get out” piles for trash and donation
  3. Eyeball what’s left and get giddy ’cause it’s organizing time!
  4. Group items that relate to each other. For example, all hair products go in one pile, all sheets go in, yep, another pile. You got this!
  5. Take measurements of your shelf space. Total time saver when you’re at the store sitting face to face with the cutest basket you’ve ever seen but can’t decide if it’s too big for the shelf.
  6. Go shopping! My favorite part of this process by far. Decide if you like plastic see through storage or cute woven baskets. I recommend scoring at the clearance aisle. January is a big purge and splurge kinda month so you’ll see a lot of storage solutions in stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Don’t forget about the thrift stores!

So come back tomorrow and I’ll show you my progress!


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  1. Shelly Minette

    Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes to see a task broke down in order makes it some how seem easier!

  2. Jaclyn Burke Barcroft

    Oh how I love taming chaos like this…makes you feel so good! Can’t wait to see the final shot!


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