Junk drawer.

We all have one. And most of us let it get completely out of control.

An unassuming kitchen drawer that holds every little orphaned do-dad and thingy-majiggy. I’ve avoided the junk drawer in this house until now. I thought I would hold my ground for much longer but after countless thingy-majiggy solutions, none is better than the drawer.

If I was going to dedicate a drawer to the oh so important collection of do-dads, I was determined to do it right.

I grabbed two plastic kitchen utensil organizers from Ikea (I found them with the kitchen stuff). Together they cost around $3. I originally had plans to use them as utensil organizers but they were just a smidgen too big.

Enter plan B: To create an attractive, unjunky junk drawer.

So I cut up the two organizers to fit my one drawer.

I lined each compartment with a different color/pattern of my washi tape!

I’m lovin’ that my batteries are all in one place. Batteries are like lightbulbs in my house. Out of sight, out of mind. Then we end up with a billion of the same item scattered throughout the house.

I have other organizing solutions in the kitchen for mail. You can read about that here. I forgot to take a picture of the Ikea trays before I cut them up but I did take this pic of the product number. Anyone else think it’s ironic that a Swedish company/product/store is made in the United States?

Anyhoo, I’m finding that the more work I put into making things attractive and functional up front, the less work everything is in the long run.

What about you, what does your junk drawer look like? How do you un-junk your drawers?

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  1. k

    hey, your junk drawer now looks like an organized drawer! I have made organizers out cereal boxes and covered them with wall paper scraps.


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