Today I want to introduce you to The Painted Fox shop from Thistlewood Farms. You can thank me later.

Do you follow Thistlewood Farms’ blog? KariAnne is a home decor/DIY blogger who has been sharing her life with us for several years. She writes these incredibly beautiful stories of her relationship with her husband that are truly sweet and funny. Then she’ll share how loud and boisterous she was/is about anything that she deems important to be loud and boisterous about. She’ll tell you about her long standing love affair with red lipstick. She’ll tell you that talking fast is her trademark. And then somehow in the midst of her story telling she photo bombs her own blog with the most drool worthy, enviable home decor that you’ll ever see not in a magazine. Speaking of which, why the heck is her Farmhouse not in every magazine?

I had the pleasure of meeting KariAnne 2 years ago.

I was hemming and hawing (read complaining) via email with KariAnne about whether I should go to a blog conference. I didn’t want to feel alone in the midst of hundreds of people. I told myself that I didn’t belong at the conference. I told myself that the women would all be clicky and irritating and I would have the absolute worst time. I can’t remember why in the world I emailed her about it. I mean, we didn’t know each other. I guess that’s inevitable when you read KariAnne’s words. You feel like she’s your most trusted and oldest friend. Maybe I was under the complete delusion that I had a best friend and her name was KariAnne and she wore red lipstick.

Regardless or why I emailed her, the point I want to make is that she emailed me back with encouragement and her cell phone number. I never called. I wish I had. I still wish I would. But that was two years ago and I’m sure she’s forgotten the email by now.

KariAnne is a very special person. I wish I knew her better because she’s the kind of person that lights up everything. She’ll make you feel fantastic about who you are or what you’re wearing. I believe that she believes in the best in everyone. And that’s just someone you want to be around.

So, here we are with my mood a bit sentimental about a kinda sorta blog friend who opened an online shop called The Painted Fox. She has tons of decor that you’ll want and even tell yourself that you need.

Let me share some of the cool things that she has in the shop!

Painted Fox Thistlewood Farms on My Mood Board Monday


glass cloche

Glass Cloche – These babies are the easiest decor to transition from season to season or holiday to holiday. I have a couple in my home but I always want more!
Wood Beaded Chandelier

Wood Beaded Chandelier – I bought this beaded chandelier a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it. Of course, Big Daddy hasn’t gotten around to hanging it for me. I really want it in my dining room turned office. This is the perfect rustic/industrial chandelier for your home.

Beaded Chandelier

3 Tier Galvanized Tray

3 Tier Galvanized Tray – These are great for functional reasons like serving cookies and treats when hosting a party during the holiday season.
Vintage Farmhouse European Bread BoardsVintage European Bread Board – Of course you can use these to cut on but really I want to use these as farmhouse decor in the kitchen. Lean a collection up against your backsplash and BAM instant awesomeness.
World Map on vintage tent canvas pillow

World Map Vintage Tent Canvas Pillow – I actually have these exact pillows for sale in my booth at Woodstock Market. If you’re local feel free to email me for more info. I also have 2 vintage canvas pillows that are in my family room. My kitties love them for their comfort. For awhile I was obsessed with finding anything that was vintage canvas. I love the feel, the look, and the durability.

Vintage Cavas Tent Pillow


Willow Plate & Cover

Willow Plate & Cover – I would really like to get a set of 6 or 8 of these. My two kitties are not well behaved. The girls love to see and eat whatever I’m making in the kitchen and when I have food out on the kitchen island, I would prefer to know that I’m covered. (pun intended)

So, what do you need from Painted Fox?


Disclaimer: I’m an approved affiliate partner with The Painted Fox. This means that if you click on a link and buy something from The Painted Fox, I receive a percentage of the sale. There is no charge to you and it will not impact your shopping experience.


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  1. Deborah Foglia

    Beautiful mood board! I love Kari Ann too met her at Haven this year for a brief second got a picture and it made my entire experience that fantastic! Thank you for stopping at my page and leaving me a sweet comment so glad it brought my here!


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