Paws across America

The other day while Big Daddy and I were on one of our power walks around Lake Lanier we started to talk about all the places our Baby Sofia has lived since her birth nearly 11 years ago. I started to count and realized baby girl has been up and down the east coast!

In fact, I put together a little graphic to show you Baby Sofia’s Paws Across America!

Paws across America2

She’s a super trooper and you all know how much I’m in love with my furkid because I talked about nearly losing her here, and here. You’ve also had the opportunity to see her photo bomb several of my posts. What a gal.

In case you’re curious here is the legend for Paws Across America.

A: South Lyon, Michigan

B: Winter Park, Florida

C: Sarasota, Florida

D: Chicago, Illinois

E: Sandy Springs, Georgia

F: Herndon, Virginia

G: Marietta, Georgia

H: Gainesville, Georgia

Whew! This girl gets around! After 11 years, 8 cities, and about 75 hours in a car and/or moving truck, Sofia has been through it all with me. You might be surprised to learn that I know what her different meows mean but I do. You might be surprised to hear that she likes to sit on my lap when I’m, um, in the bathroom but she does. We have a bond. She knows when I’m sick and I know when she’s sick. Baby girl made even my loneliest days a bit less lonely.

So it was a bit fortuitous when Method contacted me about their super cool products like the limited edition “designed for good” Method soap bottles with adorable animal prints, which tell the story of their cruelty-free policies and their love for animals.

Since my blog’s motto is “Get-n-Crafty 4(a)Cause” celebrating Method’s “designed for good” campaign was a no brainer.

Way before Method contacted me I was using their products and lovin’ them so when I received an offer to support my baby Sofia via sharing Method’s, well, methods I was all in.

In case you’re new to Method, check this out.


As if this animal friendly awesomeness wasn’t enough, Method and are teaming up to donate 15% of

Method product sales on in June to the ASPCA®, whose mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Can I get a what, what? That’s a lot of dough-money. Well done Method and, well done.

Buying your Method products at Use the code PAWPRINT at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase. *This offer is only available to first time customers.

So to summarize. This is an awesome cause endorsed by an awesome company who is giving you an awesome discount.


Okay, now let’s get back to Baby Sofia. She wants to confess something to you.

It’s a little embarrassing for her but since she’s getting older and she has more ‘tude and less modesty so here goes.

Sofia says, “Sometimes I leave messes. Sometimes mommy and Big Daddy find these smelly bits in places they shouldn’t be. Sometimes mommy screams when my bits come into contact with her skin. But I see her at the sink washing her hands. Then mommy likes me again.”

Yeah, I’ve told you about the vomit but I have generally avoided the bits. It’s far worse. But now I have two soaps that have made it easy, at least for my nose, to forget about those accidents.

Method sent me Botanical Garden and their aptly named Mimosa Sun. People if you’re tired of the vanilla and lavender varieties on the supermarket shelves then Botanical Garden and/or Mimosa Sun are for you. My personal fav? Botanical Garden. Seriously, I might wear this like a perfume.

Cutest Pet Photo Contest

Finally, for some real fun I thought I would share more Sofia pics and tell you how you can get in on the action!

Step 1: Take a photo of your adorable pet.

Step 2: Choose how you want to enter the contest: Facebook or Instagram –

Facebook: Find the ‘pet photo contest’ tab on Method’s Facebook page and follow the instructions on the tab for uploading your photo. Enter the Facebook contest via desktop or mobile.

Instagram: Post your pet’s photo to your Instagram account using the hashtag #methodcutepets. You must also follow @methodhome in order to be eligible to win.

The contest will begin on June 11 and end June 30. Method will select one winner each week to receive the two “designed for good” soaps and a $50 gift card to

NOTE: Only residents of the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) are eligible to win.

WARNING: Photo overload!

Tell me about your pet(s)! Let me know if you’ve entered your pet’s photo in the contest!

This post was sponsored by Method. I received hand soap to review but I can guarantee that my opinions are 100% my own.

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