Hey guys! We had a great weekend of antique shopping, chili eating, football watching, and church going! Hope you all made things happen over the weekend. Personally, I’ve been getting really excited about my upcoming soft launch of DIH University in just over a week! I’m excited of course, but I’m also really scared. I have a lot of questions racing through my mind. Will anyone take a class? Will they like the class?

I know I’ll need to take DIH University in stages but sometimes I just want to skip over the many stages I know I need to go through to get to this perfected, and well-organized online learning platform. I know that hard work doesn’t always mean immediate gratification, but knowing that doesn’t mean that I don’t want it to be that way. In this slow, hard-working everyday stage, I’m just trying to do my best and give my all to this idea.

By the time I launch DIH University, there’ll only be about 10 weeks left before Christmas. Recently, I saw this pic on Facebook…


I couldn’t find the original picture but I think you get the idea. And since we are well under 20 weeks, it made me pause. This just couldn’t be true! Tis’ true my friend. Christmas is just around the corner.

Which brings me to todays Mood Board. Personalized Christmas cards are soooo popular, right? Every. single. card. I get during Christmas comes with a photo of dogs and babies.

So how about we talk about cute personalized Christmas cards!

Personalized Christmas Cards - My Mood Board Monday


All of these cards are created on zazzle.com so you can personalize any card you see. I don’t know what kind of card we’ll send out this year but I know there won’t be any dogs or babies :).  I do have two really cute kitties.

The Newborn Christmas Card

No Image Christmas Card

Modern Couple Christmas Card

Non-pose, Posed Christmas Card


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