Several months ago I found an image of an American flag framed and hung in a Restoration Hardware designed office.  Oh how comfy causal those sly dogs are.  It’s a simple design template with all of those greige, beige, and taupes but incredibly difficult to recreate in my own home.  I guess those trendy and colorful patterns are too tempting for this girl.


I love those moody dark grey walls…

With this image and a $5 aged American flag I found at a garage sale more than a year ago, I set out to recreate this look for my office/craft room.

Restoration Hardware American Flag Hack

Restoration Hardware American Flag Hack2

 As you can see from the photo above my flag is without glass and sort of pops out from the wall.  I’m in love.

Restoration Hardware American Flag Hack3

 Another great pic.  Look at that ruler trimmed desk!  Still one of my all time favorite projects.

Restoration Hardware American Flag Hack5

Restoration Hardware American Flag4I’m quite sure that most people don’t immediately think of the American flag as a design element but I’m telling you guys it looks awesome.  Maybe it’s because I saluted this flag every morning for four years or maybe it’s awesome because being an American is awesome.  I think both.  I also think we should start an American flag decor trend.  No offense to the Brits (I’ve got nothing but love for you and Jack) but let’s let Old Glory have a shot at the decor spotlight for awhile.

I’ll be back later this week to show you how I hacked my way into Restoration Hardware’s flag decor but for now let’s just sit back and stare at this ol’ beauty.

The tutorial can be found here.




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  1. Sherry @ The Impatient Remodel

    I would also know how you framed it!! It looks amazing!

  2. Lisa Huff

    Christine, it looks awesome and I love your office craft room and that ruler trim, oh my!!! Thank you again for linking up to our Something to Talk About Link Party. Have a great day xo Lisa


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