Do you have ribbon or embrodiery floss floating around your crap-craft room? I didn’t have a humongous collection but the ol’ cardboard ribbon spools were so bulky that their presence was threatening to take over the whole operation.

By now, you probably know that I don’t like packaging materials as a final resting place of sorts for my supplies. They are usually obnoxious and irrelevant. Especially when it comes to lightbulbs.

People, for the love of all things sane get rid of those flimsy cardboard containers that lightbulbs come in and get another solution.

But back to ribbon. Embroidery floss comes in a very much understated packaging like these from Michaels.

If you’ve ever bought these guys you know that those cigar looking wrappers are useless. And what about those ribbon spools? What the what? Why are they so big? I realized I had a hot mess on my hands and so I found a great space saving solution.

Old fashioned and modern wood clothes pins. Amazon sells these in packs of 100.

I spent at least a hour wrapping all of my ribbons around clothes pins. You can pin the ribbon, tape the ribbon, or clip the ribbon at its end. That way your ribbon can be used without the frustation of playing marco polo with the end of the ribbon.

I found the Old fashioned clothes pins at Hobby Lobby. You can find the regular clippy clothes pins at the Dollar Tree.

I wrapped each color on its own clothes pin and look at how much space I still have left in my Walmart candy jar! It’s colorful and all in one place. Love it!

Check out more ribbon storage eye candy.

Kreative Jewel is using tongue depressors to store her huge stash of ribbon! Storage has never looked so good.

Don’t these plastic bins look exactly like the ones I used in this craft room post? I thought so. Which is why I had planned to do this same thing but I forgot all about this idea when I went to buy my supplies. All I could remember was the clothes pins. I swear I have to write down everything or my life would be one big spontaneous decision. 🙂

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Tell me about your crap-craft room progress! I know I’m not alone!

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