Well I guess I can give myself half credit for tackling the GINORMOUS outdoor/indoor antique market called Scott. Let me explain. At 10 minutes til close on Saturday I received the following comment from Dina, a loyal reader, on my post 10 Tips For Thrifty Trips.


“Well you’re definitely in for a treat, Scott’s can be amazing and overwhelming at the same time. But be sure to do both buildings, because they are very different, but lots of fun and great inspiration!!”


Yep, I read this helpful comment just as Big Daddy and I finished (or a least I thought) looking inside and outside. I guess I’ll have to wait til next month to check out the other building! But until then let’s take a moment to revel in the glory of all things antique.

First up, Big Daddy’s favorite booth. This guy made AWESOME signs (like this one) and furniture from reclaimed teak wood from the colorful boats of Bali. Gorgeous! I was thinking I could make something like this anchor with different moldings and chippy paint them different colors. Good idea?

Here are a few totally random shots that I took after Big Daddy reminded me that I’m a blogger and I should do these things that might seem a bit embarrassing. 🙂


Here’s Big Daddy fighting through the pain, exhaustion, and heat just so little ol’ crafty me could take a peek…”Just one more thing….”

More signage. I definitely see a trend forming…

After hours and hours of walking I came away with…drum roll please!….

5 Yardsticks.

As strange as it might sound that’s exactly what I bought out of ALL of the amazing treasures. I spent a grand total of $13 on 5 antique yardsticks.

If you’ll remember from my 10 Tips For Thrifty Trips I mentioned making a list of items that you should look for while out thrifting and that’s exactly what I did.

Here’s the list I made before going to Scotts.

1. Vintage Camera

2. Lantern

3. Wood Crate

4. Bamboo

5. Horse Head Book Ends

6. Yardsticks

7. Goat Soap

This list saved me from impulsive buys and kept me focused on the things that I actually needed to complete projects. I think that I did an amazing job of self control while at the same time enjoying every minute!

Question: What do you think of my pics? Want to come visit me next month?


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  1. Tobeys trashortreasure

    I wish there were places like that around here to shop and browse, I love the signage and I would have bought the yard sticks too lol. But I think I would have come home with a truck load of signs too.
    Where is this place by the way?

    • ccleahy

      It’s in Atlanta, GA. The address is 3650 Jonesboro Road Southeast Atlanta, GA 30354…just in case your in the area!


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