They say that tomorrow will be the busiest shopping day before Christmas. Say hi to Big Daddy if you’re out there shopping.

We always say don’t buy me anything, blah, blah, blah.

Actually, Big Daddy and I aren’t concerned with gifts. But I always manage to wrap a few things and put them under the tree. And usually I end up taking them back because they don’t fit or he has no use for them. Oh well.

This year is no different. I pre-shopped and already returned several things that didn’t work out. I gave it another buy try and wrapped them up yesterday.

This year I’m using the “Something I Want, Something I Need, Something to Wear, and Something to Read” Christmas gift philosophy. Have you heard of this? It’s pretty simple really. You buy 4 gifts, 1 under each want, need, wear, and read category.

I used these free printable gift tags to identify each gift.


Jones Design Company gives away lots and lots of free printables and fonts in exchange for signing up to receive their posts via email. No biggie and totally worth it!

Have you forgotten what was inside a wrapped box? Yeah, me too. These gift tags are gonna help this ol’ girl on so many levels.

And so, since Big Daddy works very hard and usually doesn’t have the kind of extra time I do to prepare for gift giving, I prepared a little Christmas Wish List. Yep, Big Daddy if you’re reading this, no excuses!

Something I Want: Anything from my favs list on ETSY

So cute and so cheap. Enough said.

If you haven’t figured out yet that I like a little whimsy splashed up in this place then this must be your first visit. Welcome! I love all things with big letters (picture you haven’t seen but will soon), I love Indian motorcycle pics ( a print I bought last year from some local yocals here in ATL) and graffiti art (which is hanging nicely in my guest bathroom). Oh, I haven’t shown you that either. My bad. My point is, I like this cat reflection on wood thing.

Big Daddy knows I love me some bags. I don’t buy many but I ALWAYS look at them. Lately I’ve been so into anything with Pendleton wool. This messenger bag is screaming my name. Oh how I wish you could come home with me. Moving on.

Something I Need: A Romantic Letter

When Big Daddy dropped me off at the Army I wasn’t sure if I’d see him again. When I went to Boot Camp I was allowed to receive letters and boy did I receive them. 20-30 page letters for every day I was there. People, that’s a lot of freaking letters. It was the fuel I needed to keep moving, keep trying, and to keep smiling through a difficult 2 months.

Some days, most days what I need is to know I’m needed. I want to be reminded that the man I chose, chose me too. You know what I mean?

Something to Wear: A Bathrobe or Earrings

Several years ago during a secret santa gift exchange within my platoon, I received a $5 bathrobe that was pink with skulls on it. I loved that bathrobe. It was strapless and wrapped around my chest and had Velcro to close it. Similar to this one.


I don’t know why but I never buy earrings. For 4 years I didn’t wear earrings to work and I guess I just got use to it. A couple of days ago I cut my hair into a modified pixie cut. By the way, I love having my short hair again! And now I’m feeling like I need to add an earring or two to my one pair of diamond studs. Before the Army I was all about the dangling but these days I prefer a smaller statement. Something like this.


 Something to Read: Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

Big Daddy and I were listening to a podcast on the way to the office called Enemies of the Heart. It was an amazing talk and since I was digging it so much I want to read more about the Enemies of the Heart.


So that’s my wish list. What’s on your wish list?


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