I’ve been following iHeart Organizing for about a year and since that time I’ve gotten some amazing ideas to help me get my act together.  One such idea was shared by Raising Up Rubies on organizing your spices.  I was in desperate need of an attractive solution to my spice hoarding.

Exhibit A:

After spreading out my spices I realized I’d been hoarding spices that were 4 years old!  How does that even happen? I wasn’t worried about spices spoiling but I knew that 4 year old spices wouldn’t have the same kick and thereby making them pointless.  Who wants to store pointless spices?  Not I.

I read as a general rule, whole spices will stay fresh for about 3-4 years, ground spices for about 2-3 years and dried herbs for 1-3 years.  (source: stilltasty.com)

After sorting my spices I went out and bought 4 oz. Ball jars from Walmart. These babies were hard to find.  I guess they’re a popular size.  My recommendation is to search Walmart.com to make sure this product is in stock at your local store before you start your search.

Next up, separate the lid from the center lid and use your chalkboard spray paint on the lid insert.

Raising Up Rubies suggested using Krylon Chalkboard spray paint and I agree. I’ve only used Valspar’s Chalkboard spray paint and it had an awful smell plus the spray action seemed strained.  Krylon on the other hand had an even spray and no smell.  Score!

I did copy the paint choice for the outer lid as well.  I love the color plus I already had Rustoleum’s Aqua spray paint in crafty village.  I also used a chalk marker to label each spice but my marker had a too large tip and made it almost impossible to write legibly on these lids.  I made it work but I think I’ll pay more attention to the size of the marker before going buck wild on labels.

 After all the painting and labeling was finished I placed them in a drawer.  Check out my new cute spice drawer!

What’s the oldest spice in your kitchen?

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  1. astrollthrulife

    Super idea, I love it. Thanks for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sarah Vanderkooy

    What a cute idea, love the colors and how simple and clean it all looks

  3. Andi Winslow

    Love it, I am going to do this………..thank you for the idea and my shelve needs some cleaning out…………Andi


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