I couldn’t resist taking a break from packing my beloved Polish Pottery to shout out a big thank you.

Thank You!

I got so many nice comments here, through email, and my Facebook page about my upcoming move. It’s nice to have you all to celebrate this time with. Since this is my first single family house experience I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing. So I guess you’ll hear me ramble on about all the new adventures of having a lawn, a mailbox, a garage, and my coveted privacy. I hope you guys will enjoy my excitement cause it’s boiling over baby!

Big Daddy and I went over to the house on Tuesday and I took another look at the house and realized some rooms looked smaller while other rooms looked larger than I remember. But I’m still really excited and feel so blessed to have this place to call home for a couple of years.

Normally I get really stressed about moves but this move just feels different. Funny thing is I found out this morning that we’ll be packing the truck tomorrow afternoon rather than next week. Uh. What?

So I have a day and a half to pack. No biggie. Right?

In addition to telling you how much I heart you I also wanted to let you in on some pretty cool developments.

My Announcement!

After submitting a resume of sorts and speaking with the editor I’ll be joining the team as a writer at Ask Miss A, an online destination for women concerned with charity AND style!

Here’s a bit about Miss A.

AskMissA.com is one of the largest and fastest growing online destinations for women. Miss A covers the intersection of charity and style in 21 major U.S. cities and offers informative content on a woman’s well-rounded lifestyle and interests. With a team of more than 30 editors and hundreds of writers, Miss A includes the latest and most relevant information on fashion, beauty, entertainment, food, family, city events and exclusive advice and recommendations for nearly one million unique visitors each year.

Founded by Andrea Rodgers in 2008, Miss A was originally inspired by the Washington, DC socialite’s online moniker “Miss A.” Miss A tosses aside the superficial and shallow to deliver sensibility and substance with style. Through authentic, informative, and witty editorial voices of writers in-the-know across the United States, Miss A informs, inspires, and entertains an audience of more than 95,000 unique visitors monthly. Miss A continues to grow organically by building a powerful online network of women.

So that’s the big news and now I must get back to packing….wish me luck!

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